Dogecoin (DOGE) price prediction 2023 – should 14x with ease

DOGE Dogecoin crypto review 2023. Doge coin is cheap. It’s under $0.08 right now, but even an idiot knows it better than that. For those seeking Doge coin price prediction, its on its way to breaking $0.50 with ease if it does a couple of things right. Watch now for my Dogecoin Doge crypto review 2023.

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TLDR – Dogecoin Doge crypto review 2023.

20 gedachten over “Dogecoin (DOGE) price prediction 2023 – should 14x with ease”

  1. why are people still buying an inflating token still, just buy bitcoin only.

  2. Well, you opened my eyes. I wasn't even thinking about Doge until this theory.

  3. One year doesnt seem like a lot of time to do something like this…potential partnership with Xexchange?

  4. Next time click on the log scale button. You'll see in the chart that elon has nothing to do with the price action. 2 bull market tops before elon starting tweeting anything, and the pattern has not changed. This is why you dont see any jumps right now when elon tweets or hints about it. When it becomes oversold and starts to rebound, elon will tweet and then everyone gives him credit. There was no elon tweeting doge in 2015/16 when it went on a 20,000% run

  5. This guy is very weird
    Who asked you to be a fan of doge coin ? Doge community doesn’t like people like you

  6. It is impossible for DOGE to reach $1. The number of coins on issue can exceed 14 quadrillion, verging on infinity. Scarcity drives price, which is why gold, silver, Bitcoin and even the George W. Bush baseball card have value. There are more DOGE than grains of sand, so the price is negligible.

  7. Ridiculous to think you won’t need a bank. Anyone can get cancelled and kicked off social media platforms these days the way it already is.

  8. I always thought dogecoin was trash with pumps and dumps but I agree with you that this coin is becoming a game changer in the financial system. Whatever Elon was hinting about doge is starting to make sense now. His profile with XD etc. I have started to accumulate some coins in .05 and .06 area. Let’s see if it really goes to $1 😮

  9. XPR Proton video please Brother?

    Some dude messaged me a whats app number saying they were you last time I mentioned this.

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