Do NOT buy Crypto on Revolut (Quick Warning)

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30 gedachten over “Do NOT buy Crypto on Revolut (Quick Warning)”

  1. Thanks I'm homeless and have a well known YouTuber who wants me to buy bit coin, for an entry fee of $500 , I thought about it and decided it's nothing more than a ripoff , there is no nothing behind bitcoin other than somines imagination.

  2. But u can transee your money ro anothee bank of yours. If u are a premium member u only pay 1.5%

  3. I was offered some crypto money but i was never able to resell them for revolut euros, due to some brexit regulations

  4. Hey Mate I don’t know where you got all that info from? I use number 4 exchanges to by and sell Crypto and Revolut over all is one of the best. When you buy the rates / fees are ok compare to others. When you sell they also do charge higher fees and also when you sell the money goes on you account and from there you can transfer the funds any where you like. So please go and do some more research ok before you talk shit about Revolut. Revolut is great 🤫

  5. I don’t know what are u talking about… I sold 2 eth at 4390 each and it went smoothly

  6. This guy is spreading libel and misinformation about a company. Crypto purchases on Revolut are stored in a crypto wallet.
    And you can send the crypto to any wallet or Blockchain, or Binance or any other exchange. Why are you spreading lies?

  7. I bought £4200 of xrp. Cost me £105 just to buy. Now I find out I cannot even take the xrp off there to put in my ledger. Have to sell back to £’s at another cost of £105. What a fucking scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

  8. bro what do you think is the best place to buy for low commissions?) and it was simple

  9. I only want to buy Bitcoin to makes purchases from a site that only uses bitcoin. Would it be ok to use Revolut for this reason? It would be amounts well under £500.

  10. Can someone actually compared the fees on investing 1000£ same time as buying same coin on revolut and binance or coinbase?
    I am talking all fees that occur from sending a grand from your bank account to particularly exchange and than same time after trade is done withdrawing back to bank account.
    There are fees on transfer, withdrawal and trading fee that all together could be off a similar value to one fee on revolut.
    That's the only way to compare.
    Most of us are here to make quick buck so who cares if you own the coin or your portal does.

  11. But if i invest in BTC on revolut and i wait to win my money back and have a profit i can transfer it in my balance and then withdraw it…right?

  12. Ačiū, pažaidžiu su pokadot bet nieko rimto, o norint kažką daryti rimtai – Revolut netinkai nei Crypto laikymui, nei investavimui į akcijas. Kažkur rimtai veikia, kažkur žaisliukas.

  13. can only send bitcoin, have to swap other crypto to bitcoin to send .
    out. on metal plan also

  14. Help…my friend lost her savings since they invested her money into crypto. How can she retrieve her money?

  15. Im trying to send my xlm to my cold wallet from revolut but it keeps asking me to upgrade the app ..

  16. Hope you did not get burned with Gemini buddy. good videos. thanks.

  17. Thanks Benas, nice video, but I went with Exodus instead of Revolut or Gemini

  18. Pls I can’t send out my btc crypto from revolut

  19. What happen when you put any amount you want to send to another wallet on revolut and it keep tell you you’ve exceeded the amount ? Pls help

  20. different fees apply for different account types, premium metal is 0.99%

  21. Another downside is that you cannot receive any other crypto than bitcoin into the Revolut app

  22. lets say i recive crypto on my revolut account and then sell it immidietly for cash and put it to my wallet will that work?

  23. What’s the best way and safe way to buy crypto ? Binance ?

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