Disney California Adventure Tips – 9 Things to Know Before You Go in 2022

laatste update: 05-2022

Things YOU need to know before you visit Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California. First, it’s a separate park from Disneyland with a separate admission. Disney California Adventure opened in 2001 across from the main entrance of Disneyland. DCA has a kind of a California Fair theme with a little bit of Hollywood mixed in, but Pixar is slowly taking over. Rides are more extreme than at Disneyland including a rollercoaster with a loop. Want to visit both parks on the same day? Then you need to get a park-hopper pass for another $50.

2 – There’s no main street — it’s Buena Vista Street

— It opens 30 minutes before the park opens, and stays open late after the rest of the park closes. So do your souvenir shopping early or late.

— Lockers are right at the front on the right

— Chamber of Commerce are on the left — get your button for your special occasion like your birthday

3 – Shows –

–World of Color

The main night time show, on the lake. 1 or 2 showings a night. Get a fast pass to guarantee a viewing area, or do a dining package. Dining package book 60 days in advance.


This is really a must see. If there’s one thing you do in the park, it’s go see Frozen. It’s worth the price of admission by itself

2,000-seat theater reminiscent of grand movie palaces in DTLA

It’s a top-notch hollywood theatre production

Show lasts about an hour. But get in line 45 minutes before. Sometimes they do fastpasses.

3 seating areas — orchestra is the best

–Paint the Night Parade

Originally from Disneyland in 2014, this is showing at DCA in 2018. Really neat light-up parade. 20 minutes long. Dining packages — and a reserved seating area at Sonoma Terrace. Ask a cast member when you can “wait” ahead of time.

4 – Rides –

–My favorite rides are the roller coaster, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Radiator Springs Racers. Make sure to get your Radiator Springs Racers fast pass first thing. It’s right at the end of Buena Vista Street.

–Radiator Springs Racers also has a single rider line and a rider swap for watching kids.

–Many rides close after dark. When World of Color is playing, the Pixar Pier area with the Roller Coaster and the Ferris Wheel close early. Plan your rides accordingly.

–Fastpass is connected to Disneyland so only one ride in both parks.

5 – Food

Carthay Circle is California Adventure’s fine dining spot. And has some pretty good food. I enjoyed the burger, though it was tasty. You can also take a tour of the restaurant before they open.

My favorite is Corn Dog Castle.

6 – Free food

Take a tour of Boudin — get a sample of Sourdough

Enter Ghiradelli — get a free chocolate

Free cups of water or ice at any quick service restaurant

7 – Special Events:

Food & Wine Festival: Typically in March to early April.

Food like: garlic oil infused ice cream, Peruvian Salmon Poke, & fried artichoke carbonara

Lunar New Year: Late Jan to mid February

Not “Chinese” new year… but celebrates many asian countries that celebrate Lunar new year. Special performances, and food. Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean

Pixar Fest: Right now.

8 – Alternate Entrance/Exit

There’s a special entrance to the park through Grand Californian Hotel. It’s near the Napa Rose restaurant. And near the Grizzly River Run in the park. Busy times it’s only for hotel guests to enter. But anyone can exit anytime.

9 – Cars Land Sh-Boom

You won’t find this listed as an attraction, or on any official timetable.

But at sunset time, the Cars Land lights come on. Position yourself in front of Flos V8 cafe for the best viewing. Ask a cast member in the area for the exact time.

It’s set to the music music Sh-Boom by The Chords


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    – Galaxy of the Gaurdian
    – Spring Radiator Racers
    – Coaster Incredibles
    – The Soarin' World Around

  2. Update for Radiator Spring Racers, the location for fastpasses has moved to right of Ramones. There are portable kiosk that distribute fastfasses, and when they run out, they take the kiosks away.

  3. meeting my online friend here in july!! thanks, just wanna know what type of rides im expecting.

  4. My top 5 favourite rides:
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    (Absolutely amazing to ride at night, definitely get a fast pass)
    2. Incredicoaster
    (Rlly rlly fun went on it 5 times, this ride doesn’t have too long of a queue so u could go by without a fast pass)
    3. Radiator Springs Racers
    (Maybe the fastest ride in the park, must get fastpasses early as they sell out easy. Purchasing a fast pass at three might not be able to use until 8pm)
    4. Grizzly River Run
    (Bring a spare set of clothes and don’t sit on the edge, you will get soaked super fun tho)
    5. Pixar Pal-A-Round
    (Don’t normally enjoy Ferris wheels but the swinging one is so creative and fun)
    Also Soaring Around the World is rlly great

  5. The Hyperion theater stopped doing fast passes in Oct 2016. They never brought them back. Galaxy of the guardian ride??😳😳😂😂

  6. My favs are..
    5. Grizzly River Run
    4. Luigi Rocklin Car
    3. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree
    2. Screamin/Incredibles
    I’ve never been on Guardians, so it’s not on the list.

  7. When is the next time you will go to Disney, I will go there probably next Monday for Martin Luther King or the Sunday after next week!

  8. Yo I used your videos to manifest. I was living in Chicago with no idea how I was going to move to California. Now I live in san Diego with normal access to Balboa park like in the video. Now I'm planning a trip to Disney and affording all the sweet cute things. Your videos make me so giddy and excited!!!

  9. Does anyone know if doing Disneyland and Disney California adventure in one day would be too much? How long does each park take

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