Did SEC Gary Gensler DESTORY Crypto & Bitcoin?

Today let’s talk Bitcoin, Crypto, and about the US market. SEC threw down major lawsuits today and declared many crypto securities. Did Gary Gensler win the fight against Crypto in the US?

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Bitcoin Charts
2:30 SEC sues Binance
7:20 Coinbase and SEC
9:00 Binance response
10:13 Binance Exchange reserves
11:30 SEC alleged crypto asset securities
16:10 Chokepoint 2.0 and CBDC
18:40 Ethereum
20:30 Big Picture
22:40 Q&A

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30 gedachten over “Did SEC Gary Gensler DESTORY Crypto & Bitcoin?”

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  2. 🔴 i am out. They can fight till tze end, but without me. I encourage you all to step outside. CZ dont give a damn about you loosing all

  3. What’s with all these copied and pasted comments from Reddit

  4. Coinbase will be the one to destroy the SEC since SEC gave the ✅ok for coinbase to become a publicly traded company while all the coins listed were being openly traded on Coinbase. Coinbase stock is literally a security that the SEC signed off on. Ha ha

  5. Hey, there's an impressive project worth exploring. It offers cutting-edge tech, a strong focus on inclusivity, and seamless interoperability. It's a game-changer in its use case. Partner up to spread the word!

  6. That means gold in World of Warcraft was a security….people mined it expecting FIAT in return….LOL

  7. Why are public government figures permitted to tweet defamatory comments and statements on the Internet?

  8. They are "digital" CURRENCY and COMMODITIES. They aren't even close to being securities. I have made to date NO profit from crypto. I have merely traded one currency into another. No gains! No unrealized gains! Stop the madness!

  9. curious they didn’t list XRP in the Binance case. it def trades there

  10. us citizens can petition. When you get to a certain threshold the matter had to be taken up by congress.

  11. Play book from china, ban it bring out digital china currency, then allow it back once own currency is in place.

  12. Well, Algorand is a security by definition. IE: any asset that is not decentralized is automatically classified as a security. Unfortunately Algo is centralized and they IPO'd even though it was IPO'd outside of the US which is just a diversionary tactic anyhow

  13. If all these tokens are securities, why haven't exchanges delisted them like they did with XRP without thinking twice? There's something more to XRP that makes the government panic.

    I think they know for sure that xrp is the future of finance and that XRP is fully capable of replacing SWIFT and FIAT ponzi money 🛸🛸🛸🪐✨

  14. If you want to know the future follow the dow jones.. you will also find the truth lurking near by.

  15. Paper hands drop. Now back to where it was…. 😴 Gensler. I hope Binance wins as SEC is just as corrupted as the people they are trying to sue if not worst.

  16. Polkadot be like. Am i dead to you ? Lol. Dot not listed in thr lawsuit.

  17. Mtfs legalize weed but keep fighting to keep us people that like numbers out of life upgrades 😡 it's a nail biter but once we clear this I ain't dropping the ball … Just give me this bull run I'll adapt to any bullshit set in motion after this

  18. The SEC is pushing for the top to bottom economic system. They don't want the middle class to actually make money…

  19. Diamond hands with Ethereum ….
    Little or No choice or Lose!!

  20. Impeach this gentleman for disrupting foreign and domestic cryptocurrency flow as well as trying to stop Americans from making extra money to take care of their families. And loved ones this gentleman must be removed immediately

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