Did Sam Bankman-Fried Tell The Truth About FTX?

Today, let’s talk about the big interview with SBF about FTX’s collapse. Did Sam tell the truth about his involvement? Also, let’s talk about Powell and his upcoming pivot. Bitcoin and crypto rally.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 SBF Interview
11:30 Black Rock FTX Exposure
13:50 Cardano Hoskinson
16:30 Bitcoin Update
17:45 Powell | Next Rate Hike
20:00 Elon | EU Twitter Control
21:50 Bitcoin Whales Buying
23:15 Bitcoin Charts
24:00 Kraken Lay Off
24:30 BNB On Kraken
25:15 QA
33:00 More QA

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30 gedachten over “Did Sam Bankman-Fried Tell The Truth About FTX?”

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  2. George still thinks SBF was a self-made billionaire. JFL hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lmao LOL LMFAO!!! Can't even make this kind of naivete up.

  3. The SAME people are always involved in large financial shenanigans… History repeats itself.

    The media has treated this SBF with Kid Gloves since day one. The whole thing is organized damage control

  4. They have closed comments as they are afraid of critics of FTX and partners in crime like Circle and DCG

  5. SFB is a fuckin liar!! u can clearly see in that interview he was playing dumb clueless victim. He needs to be in jail PERIOD!

  6. Smells fishy. How do you make a billion dollars before FTX if you're not that bright. If that was the case we should have a lot more billionaires in this world.

  7. I have watched a lot of these SBF interviews. His explanation is that he wasn’t paying attention to what was going on at FTX and Alameda Research and then realized to late that his companies were bankrupt. As CEO he SHOULD have known what was going on. He could have hired a competent CFO to monitor his companies finances. SBF was a graduate from MIT and had worked for a well run financial firm before FTX so I am very sceptical that he didn’t know what was going on. Just as Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos had a trial and will be in prison for bilking investors I hope the same fate awaits SBF.

  8. He’s very intelligent, and trying to play the dummy now per his lawyers. He didn’t get to the position he’s in and was in by being dumb. Washing and laundering money, running an exchange. 🤦‍♂️

  9. Hope SBF finds out that " Ignorance of the Law is Not an Excuse".

  10. He never day traded to Billion's & he wasn"t rich before he formed FTX it was all BS he's also funneled money into companies not listed in the Bankruptcy this is Fraud

  11. No drugs, no parties.. Just board games 🤣🤣🤣 He's worse than politicians. No soul, just an empty shell

  12. He’s so lied… he’s a sociopath they’re so good at convincing the world and everyone around them how sincere and great they are, but behind closed doors they are evil. How could SB and his parents not know? Both compliance lawyers. Power hungry people 😢

  13. That trailer is just another way of mainstream media looking for more audiences 😂 folks won’t get any truth until fair 3rd party investigation from within CT community is done

  14. I'm certain that…. somewhere out there.. there's a bullet with his name on it..

  15. Again he took investors money gave himself a loan. If he was a self made billionaire before all this, why would he need a loan for $1 billion. He also has a net worth in the Bahamas apparently $138 million many million dollar homes at the same time people that trusted invested in him lost a lot of money. Wake up George!

  16. George, sounds like you’re giving him a pass. If all you have left is $100,000 while he’s living a hell of a lifestyle, the scumbag should be in prison.

  17. Sbf telling the truth? He was a liar before he is a liar now. He deserves life.

  18. It is illegal to be incompetent. Ignorance isn't an excuse for breaking the law.

  19. anyone who doesn't know about sec and SBF. they are the same thing

  20. Elon will invite you on his next rocket launch, Then you can create a new George NFT

  21. He is telling the truth the best he can without incriminating the real powers at play behind him, $200M Stanford Silicon Valley DNC RNC Zelinski Netanyahu – its deep and its dark

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