Details emerge about the 3 Chiefs fans found dead…

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🗞 Articles For Reference 🗞
KC Chiefs fan was “asleep on couch” for 2 days

KC Chiefs fan who hosted watch party checks into rehab

Alex Caprariello on the preliminary toxicology report

Preliminary toxicology report back for Chiefs fans who froze to death

Toxicology report back on 3 KC men found dead (Fox 4 KC)

Are criminal charges likely after drugs found in bodies of 3 deceased KC Chiefs fans?


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30 gedachten over “Details emerge about the 3 Chiefs fans found dead…”

  1. These were grown men making horrible decisions…….

  2. Fentanyl is deadly,a 21 year old was smoking pot laced with fentanyl and was in a comma for days but never came out and passed away. . It's not just a recreational drug it's a deadly drug

  3. You’re like a week late with this ‘news’. Everyone knows this.

  4. I thought their families said they didn’t do drugs. 😮

  5. You have to have a strong mind in this world when you have a weak mind this is a type of s*** that happens😂😂😂😂😂

  6. My cousin was drunk at a neighborhood bar in February here in New England. When the bar closed he must have been tired. He lay atop a snow bank and froze to death. People high or drunk cannot consider their own safety.

  7. More rumors were spread saying the three went to purchase another bag of drugs. So there are so many stories that not any of them should be taken for the actual truth

  8. If Jordan was a demented killer he would not have stayed in that house. If he were to have done this act against his friends on purpose. He would have taken off. This story just went crazy because no one could understand how someone would not see friends dead. But if on the same drugs as the ones who died. Then it is explained. As he passed out just as weird as the three who passed out outside.

  9. How does anyone pass out in the freezing cold? Well it seems to be explained by Dr Boden. All were doing the same drugs and took them on their own free will. Watching Jeopardy on tv. No one was in distress being held against their will

  10. 49ers 31 kc 24 ….sorry but a missed field goal wont save ya this time…..😉

  11. I dont know why people are in such disbelief that it was simply an accidental fentanyl overdose. Why? Do you think only homeless junkies do drugs? Many MANY people partake in recreational drug use. People are dying every day because they are unaware that the drugs they bought are laced with fentanyl. There is nothing unusual here. They are just another statistic in the fentanyl crisis.

  12. This was a giant Nothingburger. Everything you discuss was known and reported ten days ago

  13. I saw an anesthesiologist discuss that they were all comatose because of the drug cocktails were so strong. The guy in the house took 2 days to wake up from the coma. Once you are anesthetized an operation can be performed and you will not wake up.

  14. The police failed this case by being lets say humble towards thier ethnic

  15. i've been saying all along.

    This guy who makes the drugs,

    was known to do this in high school.


    he was kind of an outcast and to make friends he gave his drugs away.

    these guys used him to get free drugs and probably dissed him back then.

    now, we bring it to today. he befriended them to get them to his house for a reunion

    k.c. chief game watch.

    there is where he got his revenge. couldn't be anything else.

    he stayed away from everyone and will use the excuse that he took the same stuff and slept,

    indoors and afterwards checked into rehab to get whatever out of his system.

    evidence gone.

  16. Fentanyl is used in surgery to knock you out for surgery. Meaning you won’t feel any stimulus when they crack your chest open. It lowers your blood pressure but you won’t shake from being cold. That is a coma. If the men died from hypothermia then they didn’t overdose and case is closed.

  17. Old news if you have been following it. Save your time. Your welcome

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