Decentralization: Which Crypto’s Aren’t Centralized?! Let’s Find Out!

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0:00 Intro
1:31 What Is Decentralisation?
4:36 Developer Decentralisation
7:42 Coin or Token Decentralisation
10:19 Infra Decentralisation
12:52 Blockchain Decentralisation
16:01 External Decentralisation
18:49 Which Cryptos Are Decentralised?
21:17 Outro


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21 gedachten over “Decentralization: Which Crypto’s Aren’t Centralized?! Let’s Find Out!”

  1. Hope you guys found this video useful. Remember, there are many layers to "decentralisation" and it is never clear cut! Don't forget about our ongoing Bitcoin giveaway which has less than 1 week to go! πŸ‘‰

  2. Excellent video. Thank you.
    However Ethereum has to be centralised and a security.
    It’s controlled by Amazon WS and a handful of VC whales including VB.
    also the banks are heavily in the background.
    The story goes on.

    Are all alt coins securities. ?

    Thank you

  3. Participate in financial management, make investments, you can get NFT pieces of AEX! Collect the pieces and become a winner in life!

  4. This is the most informative video I have watched from this channel πŸ‘

  5. DigiByte is in the top list of decentralized coins, next to Bitcoin, eth, Litecoin and monero!

  6. Decred is the most decentralized i've ever witnessed. Even the treasury has no middlemen. no point of attack because there is no organization or ceo running the show. anyone can steer the ship via proposals. no ico was ever run. no early large entity or ventureCapitalist who can rug you. i love DCR.

  7. Why wasn't ICP mentioned in this video? Just curious as ICP is currently on par with BTC when it comes to decentralisation. (Prove me wrong?)

  8. I hate to saying mate but you just fear mongeres people into not getting into crypto. You left everyone thinking that the governments are all going to come cracking down on everything like it’s some criminal activity. I know it’s all true but ..Switch it up and be more positive and inspire people to get away from the WEF instead of getting them hopeless

  9. i am suprised DIGIBYTE was not mentioned as a decentralised project here.

  10. Hi coin bureau, your doing gods work massive respect 🫑 I have been following the channel closely and am left wondering how come no mention of hex? Especially on the subject of defi, you interact with the code directly, ie no middleman, would love to hear guy and the teams take on the er20. Keep up the great work, many thanks!

  11. Another detailed update on decentralized privacy blockchains, much less coins; would be eye-opening.

  12. Anonymity is crucial to decentralization. The government can go after the coin creator with violence

  13. Foxify the new token from the same p2p trading platform won't be centralized ! Lauching in june !

  14. 14:45
    just a reminder that so far
    to date
    like when you read this probably
    even years in the future
    algorand has had 0% downtime

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