De beste BDC’s vergeleken: ARCC versus MAIN versus HTGC & Meer

In this Patreon requested video, we’re gonna compare some of the top business development companies and determine which one is the most appealing investment. We’re gonna compare five BDCs, which were picked based on the size and popularity of each investment. The five we’ll be looking at are Ares Capital, ticker ARCC, Main Street Capital, ticker MAIN, Hercules Capital, ticker HTGC, Capital Southwest, ticker CSWC, and Blue Owl Capital Corporation, ticker OBDC. We’ll compare these stocks on a lot of important factors for these types of investments, including yield, growth, and total return.

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11 gedachten over “De beste BDC’s vergeleken: ARCC versus MAIN versus HTGC & Meer”

  1. Your order isnt accurate as far as yeild… Its
    Htgc. 11.40%
    Cswc 10.12%
    Arcc. 9.57%
    Obdc. 9.04%
    Main. 6.40%
    Thats to this minute 2:14 est. Always subject to change during hrs. I own them all with the exception of main for about a year and they're compounding beautifully

  2. MAIN will always be my favorite due to their conservative nature, paying momthly dividends as apposed to quarterly, and their special dividends they spit out. I don’t mind the lower yield if it means they are careful with their money.

  3. I hold MAIN in my "monthly dividends portfolio". I like the fact, that it is very well diversified and not too big to grow on upcoming years.

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