DCA Live: Trouble Ahead?

Inviting Ran @CryptoBanterGroup and James @InvestAnswers for DCA Live with a packed agenda:
– Top 500 cryptos – how much is garbage? – main red flags?
– Conclusions after CZ interview. BUSD. Decentralized stablecoins. Binance “offshore”?
– Bitcoin spiral – “you are here”
– Macro March – FED Kashkari remarks – Is the pamp cancelled?
– Mt Gox distribution – 10 years later. Average claim is 40 BTC. Impact?
– Silvergate. Impact? Fuel to crack down harder on crypto?
– Jack Dorsey’s Block – Lightning Network taking off?
– Price action. Alts and BTC.

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30 gedachten over “DCA Live: Trouble Ahead?”

  1. Ran your disrupting the the agenda man. Just follow the agenda. (At the beginning a meant)

  2. great show guys, i have a few ideas to float: 1- maybe the whales are buying bc they know it will go up in the next year or 2 and they are loaded anyway… but the quasi-rich might be selling because they cant afford to hold bags for years. 2- asian countries (not all, but most) had a really hard time in covid, no stimulus and often no salary and scams like lord of the flies levels bc everyone was screwed the last few years, now they are beginning to recover. on the other hand the west had stimulus, everyone got paid at home or whatever and saved staying at home… now the crunch is coming in the west as everyone bought houses and stuff they cant afford anymore due to cost of living and interest rates. Basically, theres a massive difference between the whales and the semi-rich , also between the east and the west. What the overall effect is for 2023 Im not sure, but it seems a bit negative in the short term to me. Im trying to accumulate good tokens over the next 18 months….Any thoughts??

  3. Love these brainstorming sessions, best guys in the space. I think James/CTO were spot on with comments.

  4. Mnt Gocks and Shanghai sounds like accumulation opportunity… bring it on

  5. I KNOW FOR SURE LTC IS USED AS PAYMENT METHOD cheaper than half the new alts fyi

  6. I really love the combination of personalities with these influencers. BTC, ETH, and TSLA stacking at the dips!

  7. Great show. Lot’s of uphill battle in the space but great to hear about the positive developments to the crypto network. Actually I’m really excited by now having a BTC Lightning wallet in my Apple Wallet, but just afraid spending SATS as I could be the next “Pizza” man!

  8. I learned ALOT today from all 3 of you, THANK you! Elizabeth

  9. CTO please leave Ran out of these , your analysis and results are leagues ahead of his and unlike him you and James don’t interrupt

  10. lol my guys bitcoin is going sub 10k this year, Its going to be fun watching the maxi's melt down 😀

  11. They will sell SOME but not all their BTC! SO? Not great effect on price. 😊

  12. 3 questionable personalitie. Don’t trust them do your own research.

  13. Oh dear Rand, please don't look so disinterested when James and Larrson are talking. It's disrespectful.

  14. Guys … the perfect new name channel for you would be this …. ready?

    THE 3 SHILLERS OF YOUTUBE!! that will shill anything .. anytime anywhere!! 🙂 oh btw its not financial advice but go and buy this and that! lol
    Some of these guys .. use to think Celcius and FTX was the best lol Enjoy watching your portfolios shrink as they gain in theirs via payments from their paid Bosses!

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