DASH Price Prediction 2022 Updated

laatste update: 06-2022

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9 gedachten over “DASH Price Prediction 2022 Updated”

  1. I totally agree with what you are saying …. <The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now if this is right time to invest? before jumping into conclusion and think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 2.5 BTC and i have accumulated over 16.6 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Jiasheng Zac

  2. you though you will be a capitalist earning income from your investment. and you ended up being wagie slaving your life away while you waited for Dash Digital Trash to do … lol … anything.

  3. I lost 7000 Cardano tokens because of Celcius and I can’t withdrawal it so I hope it’s not gone. I’ll have to buy Dash then to make up for that.

  4. Thank you for this video. DASH looks mind-blowingly well-positioned for the future. Supplies look very low too, not seeing much better than this in crypto tbh

  5. Sorry to say it guys but this is absolute hopium. Dash will never recover to previous ATH as dead legacy coin and previous ATH was a unsustainable squeeze

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