Dash crypto price prediction – will hit $250

Dash crypto coin review. Dash crypto is back to its best. dash token has really made a strong comeback, what a crypto.I once thought this coin would crash and burn but the team has made the dash coin strong once again. Watch now as I deliver Dash crypto coin review .

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TLDR – Dash crypto coin review.

27 gedachten over “Dash crypto price prediction – will hit $250”

  1. Dash bro 🤣😂🤣😂 I been in the crypto game since 2017 and you talking about dash!? 🤔 you had to lose money in dash to be talking about it the money that’s in that coin is dead money 90% of the people in a loss people don’t buy this coin this was a top 5 coin in crypto it’s basically dead

  2. I wanna leave this planet so bad man I fucking hate living now.

  3. unlike dash, tron does not have any max supply, this is the difference.

  4. have you ever thought that if the governments are gonna be able to ban Dash, they are going to do the same thing with Bitcoin??!!!

  5. can we transact with dash with each other without converting to fiat in centralized exchanges??!! if your answer is yes, so who cares about Dash being banned by the governments, it even conduces to price appreciation.

  6. stablecoins are stable?? are you joking??!! for Example, Tether with annual 6 percent US dollar inflation is stable??!!

  7. big businesses support dogcoins !!! does that mean we should not use DASH??!!

  8. they said (gov)in 2013 they wil ban bitcoin also thats why i dont agree whit you .they never can ban dash swap and kmd dex etc

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