1. dash' near future depends on their dash platform launch in q3 this year. if it fails again, it will be a deathblow to dash and its over for them. their core dev and the self claimed ceo screwed up so badly no one even bothers to show interests in dash.

  2. the log chart shows that 2020 march low could have been wave c and it still can be. a lot of investors including myself anticipated wave 5 last year hitting ath and it fooled every dash holders. 2021 may high seems just way too low to be truncated wave 5, so we just might have ended smaller wave 2 abc correction and might be targetting smaller wave 3 within larger wave 5 surpassing way above 500 dollars or even ath per dash or we can still be in larger wave 4 with abc correction still in progress and drop down to 40 to 45 dollars per dash. there's a few more possible scenarios but it show less probability going upward considering how dash has been so neglected in the recent years

  3. This would follow my idea that bitcoins retracement has to come in yet, but yeah were printing a pretty bid bear flag. Plus equities look super bearish and probably will continue down for a good 2-3 more weeks. Idk man. I want your theory to come true as much as the next guy, but it might be a bit on the hopium side.

  4. I think Bitcoin could reach its full retracements, and it will happen around October. I feel like it's way too soon on your chart. Because what happens when Bitcoin does crash that early, that's going to bring down a lot of altcoins. Usually they blow up on the way to the top of the retracement.
    Bitcoin is going to take quite some time to get to it's retracements top but altcoins will start taking a lot of the action during this. The dominance chart is really where we are going to have to pay attention.

  5. According to block chain backer the rally prior to capitulation for DASH would put the first set of fibs around 3,300. From the last cycle prior to capitulation. Seems very reasonable

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