Dash 2 Trade (D2T) Review: Scam or 36x Coin?

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T) Review: Scam or 36x Coin?

Let’s talk about Dash 2 Trade (D2T), a new project currently in its Pre-sale stage.

What is Dash 2 Trade token? Is it worth your money? Why is the project so popular, and most importantly, should you buy the Dash 2 trade token?

Let’s cover this project step by step. I will walk you through the project itself, the team behind Dash 2 Trade, and finally, we will talk more about the D2T token. How far can the price of Dash2trade go?

Without further ado, let’s get rolling.


0:00 – Intro
1:11 – ICO overview
1:35 – Tokenomics
2:20 – Indirect competitors
3:14 – Website traffic
4:10 – Utility token
4:38 – Team
5:07 – Token price
7:36 – Risks
9:14 – Conclusion


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19 gedachten over “Dash 2 Trade (D2T) Review: Scam or 36x Coin?”

  1. Brother I own a game app which is available in the playstore store and has 300k downloads so I need you to become my business partner

  2. pretty decent review but i would also talk about bullish market .. when market is green all coins' marketcap increases

  3. This token has shown to be nothing more than a scam from the developers. When the token is launched ALL pre-sale buyers can not sell their tokens. This is something the developers have made sure of just to scam buyers.

  4. I think that nothing will happen, they run away with the collected money 👀🤮

  5. 4:16 yeah guys don't pay to much attention to that – because it makes no fucking sense… At a presale price of 0,05$ a token 400 token = 20$ (starter tier) and 1000 token is 50$ (pro tier) Now if the token price goes up x10 you suddenly pay 200$ starter and 500$ pro – a month (if it goes x20 x30 its of course more – every one can do the math)… If the token price falls then you pay less for your subscription, and the platform is providing their service for less and less monthly income until its dead (and everyone is fucked). The simple solution to that problem is to set the subscription price at 20$ for starter and 50$ for pro, and to set D2T token as the payment form for the subscription… Now it doesn't matter what the token price is doing, you always pay the equivalent of 20$ and 50$ (manageable costs for the users, since D2T doesn't need to change anything again) and the platform has a steady monthly income from its users… The fact that the Dash2Trade "team" made such a mistake, tells me everything I need to know (there is not one person with a financial background, or even common sense – or they just don't give a fuck, because they don't intend to stay long enough around, so that it could become a problem) 😉 @SharkNumbers and the fact that you just brush over that, makes you look suspicious as well… 🤣🤣🤣

  6. @shark numbers If we buy dash2trade on presale can't we just sell the token on uniswap? I don't wanna mess with any of the subscription stuff

  7. Absolutely Tanking at launch down 35% in 1st hour who knows what will happen. Guess it could start going up??

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