Cryptowatch,Dash coin of the future,evolution beyond bitcoin? in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Dash coin of the future

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11 gedachten over “Cryptowatch,Dash coin of the future,evolution beyond bitcoin? in 2022”

  1. what price do you see DASH at around the top of the next bull cycle? Thanks.

  2. Hey boss I am watching your whole videos and I found it fascinating. What do you think about the crypto moon? It is coming this year? Do you reccomend to buy plenty of RCN, ENJ, ZRX, CRPT, LINK for the crypto moon? Any tentative month it will happens? I am new on this but well informed. If you advise any other coin please let us know. Cheers

  3. Do you see bitcoin double bottoming at 3,100 or will it not go that low again? Thanks

  4. 1:55 "Mishaps with programming" – Dunno what are referring too? Dash solved the 51% mining attack vector in 2019, whilst other coins got 51% attacked.
    Hehe…no Dash donation address as pointed out.

  5. Dash is just trying to solve payment for regular people, so yeah you have to explain what your doing to the regulators, but "working with them" sounds a bit dirty in this market. 😉 And not really the case.

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