Crypto: The Worldโ€™s Greatest Scam.

Bitcoin to Blockchains, to NFTs, to Web 3.0โ€ฆ itโ€™s time to find out if itโ€™s really all the hype or just part of one of the greatest scams in human history.

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  2. Short time bitcoin is a valuable investment but not long term investment

  3. 18:45 In the kpop space and the amount of criticism HYBE (the company that houses Bts under the subsidiary BigHit and many other subsidiaries with very successful groups like Txt, Enhypen, LeSserafim, New Jeans, Seventeen) got for trying to go into NFTs was insane last year. I think the group Triple S (different type of kpop group) also has done something with NFTs

  4. Ponzi Scheme or not, best to hit, profit and run. Let the other suckers hold the pile of shit. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  5. Since a year or ten ago I switched to being self-employed.
    That fact alone has multiplied my income. Through the years my hourly / daily wages kept going up and I had the choice, work less or work even more.
    Through the years I've become part of a few groups that tightly work together to get projects done.

    To date I'm earning more than needed for a comfortable life. Since I own and manage my own skills, physique, working hours and wage. I'm less vulnerable to circumstantial coincidences and middle-mans.

    Believe in yourself and keep yourself schooled, educated and healthy.
    The government, blockchain, gold… it's all well designed and puts you in front of a mirror.

    I can honestly see in my own environment people getting into all this start taking more dangerous decisions and lose focus in the now because they are occupied with what could be in the future.
    For me, ten years ago I only had debts, never could predict that through sheer hard work I would be where I am today, financially independent.

  6. Poor messege as money truly is the biggest ponzy scam. Of course a new currency that is not regulated will have bad actors, this is our fault for not kicking the government in the ass for putting regulations down to make the area safer. The future is crypto. Lol

  7. You are Really good, this was a great video!

    Now, would pls dig into all the "war" scams that made us haters and choose sides?
    Thank you so much!โค

  8. Only people that have little to no understanding think all of Crypto is a scam! BTC is the SOLUTION to the SCAM called FIAT currency.
    Then there is another handful of PoW crypto that are not a scam.
    But just because scammers flooded the world with worhtless, fake Bitcoins, does NOT mean BTC is a scam =)

  9. One question. Why are the big firms implementing their own blockchain and other crypto alike software if it's all based on delusion? A lot of sceptics shit on crypto and the industry, yet what was the internet when it first started. This is a new revolution.

  10. This is good but misregards the use cases for this technology in a greater setting. It is not advanced enough currently and is a stepping stone into a new revolution of technological advancement. There was no statement based around the utility of each project and you just described them as scammy money grabber (which they are) – and most projects continue to be like that. But what if you get a project that has real purpose? Think more NFT's to verify digital sources of value. Such NFT's in games like CS:GO where skins supass hundreds of thousands. This is real utility and purpose. And with advancing Goggles, glasses, and the other wearable tech, this leads me towards Metaverse and NFT collabs. Think of the game 'Ready Player One'. Implementation is coming and you're all sleeping on it.


  12. "Ok, let's make it clear that you didn't understand Bitcoin. And with spooky music in the background, you might be fooling people, but you certainly aren't fooling me. If you claim that Bitcoin is a waste of energy, you can certainly say it like that. However, the justification is not provided. You can probably imagine how much energy traditional banking requires. Also, dismissing the entire narrative of NFTs and lumping everything together to create a negative impression of Bitcoin right from the start is quite thoughtless in my opinion. Well, I can recall that one of the greatest economists, Adam Smith, said: wealth should arise from labor. Can't that be digital, do you think? If you consume goods and require energy, and then perform work to obtain new energy in the form of a currency, is that considered energy waste? Okay, you also claim that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme. And of course, there's no anti-Bitcoin video without mentioning Bernie Madoff XD. However, the catch is who started it and who continues to participate. Apparently, there is a marketplace that sells something and buyers who accept it. Just a normal trading day for me, where I can choose to participate or abstain. The problem with your assumption is that if Bitcoin resembles a Ponzi scheme, you fail to understand that only Bitcoin provides an economic incentive. As I said, if the whole world is built on labor, why shouldn't our money be too? All other projects are simply not good, and every Bitcoiner knows that. 98% will not be needed in the future. The statement that I need a third party for, let's say, government documents is not entirely correct. Digitization will play a significant role in the future, whether it works with blockchain or not, as the blockchain itself is an inefficient technology for data storage. All in all, one can only say that your reporting raises more questions than it answers, which can be seen as poor reporting. Everything around Bitcoin (Altcoins) is simply not economically correct, and I can agree with you on that. If you are confident about the things you say, then you must also be willing to listen to other opinions that are supported not only by narratives but also by logical reasoning. Nonetheless, thank you for your video.

  13. As a Retired combat Marine I want to tell you that as what you are doing is just as important as any warrior on the battlefield. You are waging warfare against these criminals and terrorists on the digital battlefield. You are defending and protecting the most vulnerable of our society against these predators. Keep up the good works

  14. I'm so happy I went over this video has help my life in a positive manner which I can't say finish, My appreciation goes to the above name . Thank you for making it feasible for me

  15. A fantastic video on a topic that needs to be discussed more and more ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ I can't applaud you enough.

  16. Any currency is actually a scam. In fact, before money we had a GIFT ECONOMY, not barter for which the ONLY evidence that we have was in times of crisis, when money was in short supply…look it up!

  17. crypto isnโ€™t a scam . so sad this world is full of brainwashed sheep. people trade crypto and lose money and think itโ€™s a scam itโ€™s quite funny.

  18. Bro if you start talk about real money scams you wont finish this video in your next life.
    And when you finish crypto will be real money in full.

  19. Decentralization in finance is most of the time, a drawback, particularly because it brings uncertainty about transaction recipients. The cry for decentralization comes from those who suffered due to centralized institutions mishandling their funds, but it only compromises security further. What centralized institutions truly need is increased transparency, which I think were getting there.

  20. 6:15 2000 and ape ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Thats what I heard after all the NFT ape shit bombing previous to it. Lol

  21. I mean when you have something that is made out of thin air with no real world physical equivalency that determines its worth like regural money is in the form of valuable minerals like gold, silver and the like where its supply is digitally manipulated and its worth tied to how many people are willing to "believe" in it, adopt it and pour their hard earned real world money into it on the hopes of more idiots doing the same on the promise of one day reaping the rewards, that sounds to me like a big giant pyramid/ponzi scheme and is as clear as daylight, but no matter how many people believe in it and adopt it it would still be worthless as long as it doesn't have any real world equivalent that determines it value, and the mere idea of digitalizing regular money (that is actually worth something in the real world) and phasing out cash is a very dangerous idea that no one should accept as it would put you under the control of those in charge of the financial systems but I guess alot of people are too naive and ignorant to realize that!

  22. I just wanted you to know that everything you do is necessary and thank you so much for what you do. It's more than just a recovery service, you're helping people. You're actually the push for me to get my degree in Information Technology so that I can protect people from heartless people like this.
    Thank you for all you do apexbureauservices on the internet, you're a genius with a big heart and principles. Support and Respect from British .

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