Crypto Project Review – Reef Finance ($REEF)

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00:00 Start
00:14 what Rug Detectives do
1:47 About Rug Detective Defi Checklist
2:13 Like, Subscribe and follow
3:11 Introduction of Reef Finance
7:10 Reef Finance Road Map
10:05 Reef FAQ
10:26 Reef Finance Blog
11:38 Reef Finance on DEX Tools
12:47 Reef Finance another Blog
13:30 Reef Finance Twitter Acccount
13:40 Reef Finance Blog Discussion

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11 gedachten over “Crypto Project Review – Reef Finance ($REEF)”

  1. $REEF I get in than out, in again and again out…. 😂😂😂 Now I m curious if this video let me go in again xD

  2. still and issue with your sound – it is coming in too faint.

  3. Hey man. I like your vids. But dont you think that ftx calling reef a 'rug pull' when the project is ongoing is a scummy move??

  4. Its simple Alemada took offense that Reef announced them as a long term partner and dumped. Question is why 20% discount if they did not imply to Reef they would be long term partners. Answer – they thought they could take advantage of young CEO and pull the wool over his eyes. But Reef TEam were to smart and never gave them all the coins at once. Stop trading FTX and back Reef is the best thing anybody can do.

  5. In one of your livestreams you said you were going to take a look at Warped Finance (Warp). I was wondering if you took a look at it. Seems like an interesting project but I wanted your thoughts. Thanks!

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