Crypto Options Futures Adoption and More

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 The Story
01:34 Solana DAU Up 50% in January 2023
02:25 Bear Drawdown from Realized Cap
03:25 Bitcoin Supply in π 47%
04:16 Bitcoin Black Swan Perspective
05:27 Bitcoin Up So Far in 2023
06:05 Bitcoin Futures Off a Cliff
07:00 26K $400 Ethereum Put Options
08:00 Blackrock Buys Bitcoin
09:25 Global Assets
10:03 Bitcoin on Exchanges Drainage Visualized
11:18 Balancer Exploit
11:47 Justin Sun Moves $100M to Huobi
11:57 Rob Peter to Pay Paul
12:10 Follow the Money
13:00 The Utility Token Shell Game
14:14 USDD Depegs
14:46 Is the Metaverse Real? McKinsey Thinks So!
16:10 The Fed Did it!
16:41 Macro Prediction of Fed Damage
16:55 Tyler’s Tipping Point List
19:00 Two Consecutive Bad Years is Rare
20:27 Apple App Store Apps at 7 Year Low

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  1. I really liked your ship sinking analogy yesterday, "dead on target". I keep coming back because the facts really do help me make the best decisions as we move forward. 🙂

  2. Less Apple apps is merely a shift to "mobile first" design of websites, James. I've worked in the industry for 20 years. It's a common topic.

  3. Happy Birthday Mary!! I have a great aunt who is 97. Amazing.. all the best to you in 2023.

  4. Meet Kevin did a good video today on the Job numbers misleading report data "The Fed was LIED to AGAIN — SHOCKING Reveal"

  5. I like how James thinks Tyler Durden is a real person. Also Zero Hedge may be Russian propaganda, hidden behind half truths and lies of omission.

  6. Yeah but it’s one bear …. The rest of the pits are in the 1300-1200 ish range

  7. ETH will probably moon because of that huge $400 option price

  8. @James, maybe do a deep dive into the consequences of A.I pertaining to markets etc

  9. Must admit to throwing a few hundred bucks at bonk , i can live with the loss if it tanks

  10. Brilliant round up and explanation as usual James. Really appreciate it. Interesting to see Tyler's piece in there, I only recently started following him. Have a good day whatever your up to 😃

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