Crypto Exchanges in Chaos | Who’s Next?

On this episode, we’re taking a look at every whale and institution that got wrecked following the fallout from FTX exchange collapse. Meanwhile crypto exchanges race to provide more transparency for users on exchange liquidity after the PR nightmare FTX caused. Which exchanges are next? is this just the beginning?

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~Crypto Exchanges in Chaos | Who’s Next?~
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30 gedachten over “Crypto Exchanges in Chaos | Who’s Next?”

  1. Why are retail investors not listening to years old advice not to leave tokens on any exchange?

  2. Hi, I would like to get some feedback about coin base, self custody wallet, anybody using it and is it a safe option. If something should happen to Coinbase, do you still have access to your crypto. Everything I have read says Coinbase does not have access to it only you do there’s so much going on. I’m not sure what to believe anymore.. thank you for your responses.

  3. Can't believe RH is still even in conversation after the GameStop & Doge fiasco👀 no keys = no crypto. Don't get wrecked ppl

  4. There too many exchanges. Only need a few. And robinhood is mostly a stock market exchange so. I'm more leaning towards. Robinhood as far as Goin under !!

  5. Or, listen to this, crazy idea.


  6. Forces in the world do not want Bitcoin and the rest of crypto to come to fruition but want/desire to control it wholly. FTX and Sam might be joined with that war front. I say war front because it is a war with the old money changers, the central bankers from 1913. They have owned money (creation) and are crying in their closets about the known threat of their own demise because of the creation of Bitcoin.

  7. Binance is next because they trying to be a bully. Using influencers to cause chaos.

  8. Why Webull is not on this list? People can’t move their crypto from Webull.

  9. well answered Paul! Im guessing that guy just learnt the term FUD & was itching to use it. Thanks for telling it how it is, as always!

  10. Sam Bankman-Fried, his parents are professors of law and Business and his brother is wall street trader. Sam knew what he was doing. All his family are involved in the Scam.
    Sam Bankman-Fried was born and raised to an upper-middle-class Jewish family in California, he is the son of Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman, both professors at Stanford Law School and friend jewish SEC Chair professor Gary Gensler. Caroline Ellison is the girlfriend of Sam Bankman-Fried also Jewish CEO of ALAMEDA RESEARCH.

  11. Why can't I see the like button, so I can push it and help out your channel?

  12. Let anyone be anyone, but I know for sure that nothing will happen to Bitfinex

  13. At least Bitfinex is fine now, but I'm not sure about the rest.

  14. just a question: Am curious about what you all think of Lowery's criticism of ETH POS and risks of being controlled by a few validators (who could buy ETH under different names/addresses and thus concentrate power).

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  22. Probably bittrex next.

    they took over FTX fraud positions. Especially the locates for fraud shares of tokenized stocks backed by no shares meaning fraud.

    Any exchanges that engage in these fraud behaviors will be persecuted and go bankrupt. Warning to all crypto exchanges.

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