Creating a Monero Wallet to Receive Money

Here I simply show you how to get a Monero wallet and receive transactions. I recommend all internet Landchads to do exactly this even if you don’t plan on buying crypto because it’s a good way to have a little “tip jar” for the Monero, which is really the only cryptocurrency that’s actually used as such. Use this as an excuse to get your feet wet in a new world.

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30 gedachten over “Creating a Monero Wallet to Receive Money”

  1. dumb question how do you delete one of the addresses if you only want one a made two by mistake

  2. Does a hardware cold wallet need to sign off on all incoming donations?

  3. Whenever I try to install the Wallet
    It shows up on the Anti-Virus with a Malware-gen file
    Why does the Wallet have those files?

  4. Thought you didn’t have to create a new wallet address for each transaction like you would with Bitcoin because there’s no way to look up a monero address transaction history?

  5. Thank you Luke. When I become rich I will use my wealth for righteousness.

  6. Thanks for this information! I truly believe XMR Is the future of crypto truly decentralized. unless quantum computers become more powerful

  7. This method looks very simple though I'm hoping to learn the most secure way possible, mostly for self interest (like a hobby). I sort of feel like Snowden lol. I downloaded the Windows package and created a wallet in CMD. Afterwards, I tried copying and pasting the wallet address (sting of words) into a text file to encrypt and store on a USB. Right click didn't work and Crtl+C closed command prompt. (I didn't get to type 'welcome' to see a list of commands). Currently the wallet is sitting on my desktop and can't be opened. I might try your method on my second attempt (writing down the words). My question – does anyone know how to run the wallet once it's been created? Is there a user interface with this method or is it all code? Lots of fun stuff! Thanks for your time.

  8. hey luke i am using Arch linux. After installing the monero with pacman, I can't execute monero-wallet-cli. It said "monero-wallet-cli: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

  9. always use an offline wallet generator. if some software generates a private key for you online, you don't know if they have it on a database

  10. Luckily, I know how to encrypt files, but if lose the key… it is like I lost my house.

  11. is simple mode still private and cant be traced by the government?

  12. the reason why it's one of the only currencies actually used online is because everyone is buying drugs with it

  13. Ok but how can you integrate backend logic to generate a proof of payment?

  14. In 10 years this video will have millions on views and Monero will be used as money by those who got out of the system before they introduced CBDCs.

  15. Yeah good and all but now how do i send it to my credit card

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