Could the Cardano ADA Price drop back to $0.25?

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30 gedachten over “Could the Cardano ADA Price drop back to $0.25?”

  1. 🎓Learn Elliot Wave Theroy

    Course 👉

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  2. Individuals are still buying and holding crypto coin? I didn’t know that , I guess a few know about integrating into the micro economy to help substitute FIAT or usdt for a more tangible exchange Experience, it more like capitalization with about 43.307% profits/ ROI weekly though.. ps.. Valerie Anne got me covered thanks

  3. Might go up might go down, we will find out in coming days.😊😂

  4. Really Appreciate all the ADA TAs, Nick. Like some of us, I am deep into this, and these videos are even more important than the BTC analysis. Thanks for covering each the Bullish and the Bearish scenario, in both cases we shall see a nice retracement or even new bottom, which is a second chance for everybody who missed buying the coin. I am personally in a very huge short position with TP at 0.18$ 🙂 which ofc is what I wish to see, but even if we do not meet the criteria and the structure, it still has a lot of room for the upside where profits can be taken.

  5. These cryptos do not have their own personality. Bitcoin technicals are far more important and can tell you where ADA is going. Thank BOT trading for this.

  6. If there's a drop in ada at all I don't see it dropping below 33 cents. Unless something drastic happens on the macro. Then anything can happen

  7. I feel like I remember hearing tell of an 18¢ ada at some point last year… I think that call was spot on just way early…. Might make it to that point to end the bear market after all

  8. People have been calling for pullbacks for a month and everything just goes up and up and up, there has hardly been a pullback at all.

  9. lol , nah fat chance …… would be nice though. Bears had their run imo. Correction though ..sure of course that's healthy. Definitely loading up all the way down.

  10. Going to hover about where it is for a while unless BTC tanks.

  11. Yey he says down again so we can pump. The flip flopping is ridiculous

  12. The reality is that BTC is difficult to predict, so those who are mentally prepared want to make a profit or lose

  13. would be great buying just more and more Dont be afraid evrything will be ok.

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