COTI Versus AMP Token! Battle of the digital payments marches on!

That’s right folks, there is yet another in a long line of competitors in town! They rode in on a thundering stallion, ready to do battle, six gun at the ready! It is a much more accurate description to call this a COTI VS Flexa video, but as Flexa is the only animal utilizing AMP right now, it is at least in the ballpark. We break down COTI from the top layer only, this is going to be too long for a single video so will have to break it up. But if you are not familiar with COTI, great place to start!

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  1. Amp will triumph like it triumph ACH BTW I’m 19 I’m working at Amazon warehouse I dislike it been working there since I graduated highschool and a friend gave me a # of a person that is hiring people so he can teach them electrician stuff and I want to do it but I’m scared to call him why am I a wusss? And I feel safe at Amazon but I feel like I can do more

  2. Thing I noticed with staking with Coti is you need a minimum amount to slake but other than that it seems all good

  3. I need a good exchange place to get coins not sure where to buy the or look at new coins thats not out on coinbase nd etc

  4. Interesting, competition for payments is more than welcome, it will bring more attention to amp inevitably. 😁

  5. Own both, Always better chances of Profits as there is more then enough room for the 2.

  6. Hey Scott… big Like 👍 my friend… Would also like more of your take on COTI… thanks

  7. Thanks Scott! Been asking about COTI for a few weeks lol! Excited to here your take! 🤙

  8. Geez…. Now I gotta buy COTI ???!!!
    Sigh… 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

  9. Like most cryptos once they hit legitimate buying arenas they are overpriced. COTI hit Coinbase well above the 0.03 offering where real gains good have been made anybody buying now is just feeding early buyers.. This can be said about 90% of all listings.. The playing field is far from even.

  10. COTI will be announcing something BIG at the Cardano summit, I believe they have secured multiple upcoming gov contracts! Let’s see, I really like this project, they developed the ADA Pay platform for Cardano, they are about to release the COTI pay debit card which is currently working & being tested in house & they have just released their Treasury white paper which outlines a whole eco system other than a payment rail, so therefore COTI is going to be MASSIVE & a 2.5 Billion market cap in the short term is very achievable! 👍👍

  11. Hmm, i think AMP is better but i think cardano is better than Ethereum.

  12. Could this Codi Crypto be linked to various Airlines miles and Hotel points reward systems or would that be more AMP Crypto.
    Codi was recently adopted by Cardano to make a stable coin.

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