CONNECTING Africa – This Could Be MASSIVE!!! – SafeMoon

laatste update: 05-2022

Piece by piece we have been revealed bits of information from the SafeMoon team and as a tech company that is looking to expand one has to question where to? Based on what has been presented here is what I have theorized.

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30 gedachten over “CONNECTING Africa – This Could Be MASSIVE!!! – SafeMoon”

  1. This birthday month has been bullshit bro🤷‍♂️ what u on? Safemoon is all talk right now..jeez cant even pair with btc but wants to connect africa? Cmon bro..

  2. Great video , I have a quick question. I am an aspiring trader, I am looking study some traders and earn off their expertise rather than investing myself and lose money emotionally. Whats your take on copy trading? Do people really make money? Just looking for some reassurance.
    Thank you!

  3. You do deserve way more followers and way more respect brother.
    You've never distanced yourself from safemoon. Your content is well thought out and well spoken. You tha man!! -Dr. Maddog

  4. Atlas,
    I'm a subscriber and a patrion subscription holder as well. I wanted to give you some constructive criticism to help you get more people. You should go watch your friend Andy's videos or juvier's gems and look at how they talk to people and what the animation looks like I watch a lot of your videos but I think if you added in some animation humor and general silliness you would start getting more subscribers and more content shares. I just wanted to help you out because I like you

  5. If you look close enough at the instagram photo, there is a boat docked in the middle, this photo isn’t desert but its coast line. So he’s not going cross country but rather up or down senegal or guinea is the location id be guessing

  6. You can’t grow because you need a new format. Watch a crypto Zeus video. Those type of videos grab new viewers. Yours are wonderful for true holders and I. Your my fav SafeMoon YouTuber. Just need to create more professional intriguing videos no disrespect.

  7. Should have stuck to safemoon content. Obviously your other videos barely get views. But you wanted that drip, that should make up for the lack of your progression lately. I stopped watching your videos, never cared for the other YouTubers to begin with. Side note, this was not a good video. We want DMT!!!!!!

  8. Great video as always Atlas and I think you are onto something. Only thing I can think of is this could be something to do with Japan. Remember all the pictures Safemoon released with cryptic clues and it was all oriental themed. So, Mr Adult has said 7pm UK time an announcement which is 1st April (32 March) in Japan ??

  9. Atlas, to add to this a bit. In one of his recent interviews, John used the example of connecting Sudan to California…. At the time, there was a bit of FUD/confusion as to why he chose that as an example.

  10. You know this nanotechnology/ hypofolic is the same a ceramic coating used on vehicles to protect from scratches and rock chips. Graphene coating can last 5-7 years if you apply a yearly conditioning coat.

  11. take it easy my man, the community is just bummed out as you are. i remember the Thomas got kicked from the discord drama and the price plunged. I had unsubbed from everything and just let my investment to fly or die. But i still have faith in the project and more people will come.
    keep up the good work !

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    Date: 6 April 2022
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  13. Keep it up Atlas.. digging maps and natural resources… that's Atlas definition..fancy a saharan trip later covering pilots turned successful longterm?🌪️🕸️⚡🎑🛖🐘🐂📹🧑‍💻🌖

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