Cigars Daily LIVE 116 (Drew Estate & Pedro Gomez) in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

Tonight, my guest is Pedro Gomez from Drew Estate Cigars! He and I will be enjoying some Drew Estate sticks, and answering your cigar questions and comments! So pull up a chair, drop us a line, and let us know what you’re enjoying tonight!

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21 gedachten over “Cigars Daily LIVE 116 (Drew Estate & Pedro Gomez) in 2022”

  1. The Very Best SHOW!😃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. man im completely new to cigars long story short i was sitting in a bar and the owner came in smoking a cigar and i had like the way it smelt so i asked what was it and to my surprise he pulls out another one and gives it to me well it was a Acid Kuba Kuba so i made a fool out of myself with a lot of good laughs from all the cigar smokers in the bar as they all piled to our table as i light it and man i loved it the smell the sweetness of it so i bought another one from the bar to take home but quickly realized that this was going to be expensive so the next day as im smoking my Kuba Kuba and getting the biggest head rush because i was just a puffing away i go to the internet to find a cheaper ciger that i might like and a cigar shop to go ask questions and then i realize how many cigars they have and was just overwhelmed with everything about cigars so i decide to just go to the cigar shop the next day. Well the next day comes and i make my way to the shop and i sit there for a hour before going in because well my social anxiety kicked into overdrive but i made it in and the nicest people greet me and ask me if i need help and i tell them my story as what i typed above and looking for something cheaper as i got a working man's wallet with a wife and kids and after a few questions he brings me to some Factory Smoke Sweet and the Maduro so i buy 1 of each and after smoking my new cigars over the next few days i found that i like the Sweets more so i go back and buy more and that's been my cigar for the past few months. Well the few months pass and i become more of a regular customer because i never bought a humidor so i go daily to buy 1 Factory Smoke Sweet because well you know working man's wallet lol and i just like going there but who would have ever guessed that cigars and a small cigar shop would change my life for the better, yea that social anxiety is a thing in the past for my life. Anyways last month or so I stopped in to buy my daily cigar and the owner asks me if i would like to try a new cigar and points me to a Isla del Sol so i buy my regular Factory Smoke Sweet and Isla Del Sol and man i just love the Isla Del Sol now but my working man's wallet keeps me on the FS Sweet during the week and i have my Isla Del Sol on the weekends and that's been working for me. Well tonight i get on the deep web trying to learn a little more about cigars and did i learn a few things, for one I never knew that all the cigars well witch is only 3 different ones but they are all made by Drew Estate. Well that's my cigar story and thanks for reading it and if anybody could recommend something else that will still be easy on my wallet i will sure give it a try because im not 100% sure if the cigar shop has a soft stop or something for Drew Estate but im not complaining.

  3. DAMIT MR. TIM !!!!! You just upped my bucket list !!!! Now MR . PEDRO IS ON MY TOP CIGAR GUYS TO MEET !!!! I still can’t stop studeriing when I talk to you now you got to throw Mr . Padro. Thxs !!!!!

  4. Fell asleep early and didn't get to watch live. Great show! I don't smoke many infused cigars anymore, but I'm surprised how little attention the ambrosia line gets in the Drew Estate conversation. Really unique and one of the few infused cigars I still like to go to occasionally. The Nectar is great due to its smaller size so it's not "too much" and it pairs great with a good spice forward whiskey like Four Roses single or Whistlepig 10 year rye.

  5. Hi, my friend, I have a subscription to your channel, I'm from Taiwan, i'm from Taiwan, please ask you, what website has to sell cigars and deliver to Taiwan?

  6. Tim barely talked lol 😝 I loved it Pedro Seems like a really cool dude i’m sure I will bump into him one day and ask him some questions 👍🏼

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