Christian Horner SPEAKS Out On Red Bull Issues & Max Verstappen..

Christian Horner opened up about big Red Bull issues and Max Verstappen being angry at Red Bull.. As Verstappen admits big F1 change he made in 2022!

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  1. Stop putting these click bait titles on your videos because believe me sooner or later you will go out of business

  2. So sick of seeing all these clickbait channels trying to make a quick buck. YouTube must intervene because us viewers are having to Wade through dozens of channels like this to find some real meaningful content

  3. I think you could work on your writing. There is a lot of dead weight around direct quotes, a lot of filler and the conclusion "Max could dominate yet another season" does not work because he never dominated any, he won one. by the skin of his teeth.
    All beginnings are tough and I can understand why you'd clickbait to get some traction but make sure you work on the quality of the content too.

  4. Shit title and Red Bull aren't looking better than ever, they won 4 championships in a row!

  5. Gentlemen, if you’re sick of the clickbait/old news, you can ask YouTube to not recommend videos from this channel.

    That’s what I will be doing

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