Chiefs SuperFan is in jail for ROBBING A BANK! Chiefsaholic fooled EVERYONE!

Chiefs SuperFan Chiefsaholic is in JAIL for robbing a bank on his way to Texans game!
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0:00 – His background
3:21 – History of arrests
5:33 – Sued Robert Kraft?
6:10 – Chiefsaholic went missing
7:10 – He ROBBED a bank
10:57 – Donated to Mahomes’ Gala
11:40 – $80,000 wager?!
12:26 – Family history of trouble?
13:23 – Wolf mask not true

🗞 Articles For Reference 🗞

Chiefs Superfan ChiefsAholic aka Xavier Michael Babudar Arrested For Armed Bank Robbery

Old arrest article from 2012

Wolf mask robbery from 2016

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30 gedachten over “Chiefs SuperFan is in jail for ROBBING A BANK! Chiefsaholic fooled EVERYONE!”

  1. Hey guys! Crazy story here, one of the craziest I’ve ever covered. Hopefully he learns from this. Things are under investigation now, so we will see what comes of all this.

  2. Fully off topic, but I have never heard of it refered to as KSU. It's always K-state… right?

  3. Man the games are very expensive to go too! Price of beer tailgating.

  4. No, it's How Bout Them Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson does not approve.

  5. Thank you for going beyond and reporting all of this…may everybody remember we are only responsible for our own thoughts and actions. What we do in our personal lives does not represent any team organization or the rest of the fans. Thank you again!

  6. Armed back robberies are usually passed off to the feds.

  7. Call me crazy, I always wondered how he made it to all those games. Those tix get expensive A. F.

  8. Sources can confirm the Bengals drove this man to commit another robbery from loosing all his “hustle in the dark” money for the 3rd time in 12 months! The Bills and Bengals put this man behind bars 😅

  9. Obviously dude has a gambling problem and robbed the bank to feed his habit

  10. Great video. I'm a Titans fan but I heard about this and was interested so I watched your video and it was very informative and got to the point while telling important facts. Great video and crazy story #FREECHIEFSAHOLIC

  11. Lived in Kc never went to a cheifs game, saw Lebron play for the heat tho. Toured the stadium in like elementary school

  12. Wonder if he committed other bank robbery or similar theft to fund his lifestyle

  13. For this crime alone, he faces 10 years to life. It is, in fact, 1st degree armed robbery. He likely will take a Plea deal for a lesser charge (possibly 2nd degree robbery) and do somewhere in the 5yr to 8yr range) However, if they link him to any other banks in a different state, it is highly likely the Feds will pick it up, and then he will be looking at a minimum of 15 years should he plead guilty. The feds are no joke.

    Unfortunately, I know all this from first-hand experience.

  14. Us as Chiefs fans now know what it feels like to be a raiders fan

  15. Aye that my comment it all makes sense now no more wondering

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