Chiefs SIGN receiver and add 2 more to practice squad! Taylor TARGETED by refs and more news

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0:00 – Prince to IR
1:55 – Sponsored by Chiefs Bids
3:23 – Chiefs expose NFL
7:12 – Montrell signed to 53
8:37 – Dickerson signed
9:09 – 2 WR’s added to PS
10:14 – Mahomes on Rashee Rice
10:53 – Kelce’s LIVING IT UP
12:24 – Toney’s Toe update
13:03 – Official Injury Report

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Chiefs official injury report


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30 gedachten over “Chiefs SIGN receiver and add 2 more to practice squad! Taylor TARGETED by refs and more news”

  1. What's up legends! Are you surprised Chris Jones is already popping up on the injury report? Also, to win that custom signed George Karlaftis jersey, make sure to go to and comment "hbtCHIEFS" on the featured post for a chance to win!

  2. I thought I saw Pacheco after a Chicago helmet was slammed into his belly, moving a bit slow and cautious after the play. Hopeful that it had nothing to do with ribs or too much soft tissue damage

  3. Chiefs need to fall on their sword and have Taylor line up closer to the line of scrimmage for 2-3 weeks. This will then blow over and he can return to his "normal, but cheating" alignment. Rubbing the NFL's noses in this pile of poop is just going to keep the calls coming all season.

  4. I can only think this calling bs is the same that happened to us in the bucks superbowl, no way they would have scored that many points with out the refs calling on the chiefs defense.

  5. Bro, thanks for keeping it real with football and only alluding to the light hair colored off field distraction, appreciate it!

  6. Stay healthy and as a team and dominate..go loud and proud CHIEFS from NM

  7. I'm gonna be angry if Taylor Swift fans make it impossible to get tickets to a chiefs game like how it is for her concerts, I'm going to be annoyed

  8. I mean it’s a blatant double standard.

    Unsurprising given no team has had even 50% the success the chiefs have the last 5 years. Or even close to that.

  9. How about Lane Johnson… guy was so early on a few plays Vs the Bucs. They suk the D of the eagles tho…

  10. Here's a thought: Class action law suit for slander against the league official's. That would shake things up.

  11. Absolutely love that Andy use the blowout as an opportunity to expose the unfair treatment, Taylor is receiving

  12. No they will not stop calling flags on taylor because of politics. The Chiefs scares the hell out of people in high places who place bets and make alot of money off teams in the NFL.

  13. Regarding the illegal formation of JT, here's a bit of rumor/speculation. The refs keeps flagging him and when it gets to the playoffs, the refs will flag JT that changes the outcome of the game knocking us out of our SB run. Then the refs will say "we flagged him all season, he just refused to fix the issue so we had no choice but to flag him on that play". Just have a feeling this is going to be coming to fruition as no one wants to see anyone go back to back champions, least of all The Chiefs.

  14. Taylor is known for saying, "“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind." Oh wait that was from a different Taylor.

  15. Taylor in response to these penalties has said, "Anytime someone tells me that I can't do something, I want to do it more." Wait, that wasn't JT who said that? It's a swiftie, who's that?

  16. Doesn't this targeting make you want to cheer for Gruden's success against Goodell? More flagrant NFL tampering?


  18. I’d like to see Justin Ross get out there bit more give him some targets!

  19. Man, I'm going to bust a gut laughing if the Denver Donkeys lose to the Chicago softies (aka the bears) 😂

  20. Chiefs Fans complaining bout the refs 😂😂 now I've heard it all 🤣🤣

  21. Andy talking about it tells me that he already has a solid case to defend his statements to Goodell

  22. If they were flagging a Cowboy or Patriot like us, Jerry Jones and Kraft would be picking up the Batline to Rogers. Maybe Clark needs to make a call.

  23. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Swift and Kelce connection is happening and Usher is performing at the Superbowl and will probably perform his new single Boyfriend. Taylor needs to make a appearance doing the song!

  24. disappointed in Chiefs and their fans crying about refs doing their job

  25. Let's go chiefs 💪 they hate us bad cause we are the champions

  26. Rice hasn’t struggled with drops he only has four out of 14 targets

  27. Simple, line up correctly and bingo, no penalties. He's way off. Not the only guy doing it, but stop. Let the others get penalized. They will if they line up like JT. He's also gotten away with a bunch. Probably why he keeps doing it. I've been surprised they don't call him more often.

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