Chiefs SIGN Chargers LB Drue Tranquill and S Mike Edwards!

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0:00 – Chiefs Sign LB Drue Tranquill
6:54 – Safety Mike Edwards Signed

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Chiefs sign former Chargers Safety Drue Tranquill

Chiefs sign former Bucs Safety Mike Edwards


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30 gedachten over “Chiefs SIGN Chargers LB Drue Tranquill and S Mike Edwards!”

  1. Hey guys! How much do you like the signing of LB Drue Tranquill? It's pretty surprising, but definitely makes the LB room BETTER! Veach is the man lol

  2. im pissed that we didnt resign him. especially for how cheap you guys signed him for.. congrats on the pickup πŸ˜”βš‘οΈ

  3. We may be keeping Mecole on a 1 year 5M deal. Teams view him as being "made" by Reids system and Mahomes' play.

  4. The best way to know how to feel about a player is to look at how their previous team reacts. I can tell you as a Chargers fan that were incredibly bummed out about this. He was like our #2 priority internal free agent. He’s a good dude and a good player. $5m/yr is a steal. Take good care of him.

  5. So 2 guys coming off their best seasons…..for like 2 or 3 million each. I'll take that.

  6. I was playing madden and tranquill on the chargers made me put a hole in the desk oops so I had to patch that up, he better be like that in real life lol

  7. Chiefs the Leaonardo DiCaprio of the NFL no lie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Smart moves I love it

  8. Excited! Talk about an explosive playmaker! Tranquil is a beast! And from the Chargers? Too sweet

  9. Sounds really good to me I feel sure theyll do what's best i love my Chiefs Mahomes magic they're the best theyll show the world again GO Chiefs and Kelce he's awesome

  10. What is Cole’s resume? I’ve been looking for a dedicated chiefs channel!

  11. We were killed over the middle all year. This will hopefully cover up the gaping hole in our defense. Now what are offenses going to do to beat us? We're good at stopping the run when we have to, good at slowing down receivers and will be better by next season with our rookie corners getting better with each passing game played. We have 2 good pass rushers and one great one. Our safties are good and Cook will be better next year. Couple that with our offense and the league will have no answer as long as we find a #1 receiver and a right tackle. Hell we might just go undefeated if we have another great draft. God I can't wait for next season.

  12. Great defensive pickups I’ll take the depth, definitely need a WR now !

  13. "I dont even know if hes real" referring to Dov Kleiman lolol

  14. As a chargers fan I hope him the best with the chiefs βš‘οΈπŸ’™BOLT UPπŸ’™βš‘οΈ

  15. Like the LB signing. In terms of the safety, he seems short for the position.

  16. I think Veach, Spags and Reid are all smart enough to know this is a copy cat league, and other coordinators are way to smart for them to keep doing the same old same old every season, so they add pieces every year that allows them to switch things up and show different looks. Great pick ups for sure, and great foresite by our team brass.

  17. Tranquill save the Chargers Defense last season! Everyone else is on IR. He steps up big time for them. Great player but one year contract? Should have given him 2 year and please stay! Big loss for L.A. 🀣

  18. love both these signings especially edwards because unlike carrington harrison i dont believe cook is ready to be a nfl productive starter.

  19. Yet there was a stupid so called KC fan who blasted Drue saying he wasn't that good I swear some people are just cringe this guy has a ton of upside under spags system and we got him for literally nothing complete steal if you ask me

  20. I’m really disappointed the chargers did not workout a resign for drue. He’s really improved his game and is a solid impact player. Good luck to him over there

  21. You know the Bills were one of those teams that wanted him. I’m just waiting for the Chiefs to sign freakin Odell cuz the Bills could really use him.

  22. I always enjoy some good cheap players, but I'm getting anxious now about what we are doing for our WR1.

  23. Bucs fan here, Edwards is a good player. He is instinctive and intelligent, so he was always able to maximize his production despite Tampa always rotating at least 3 safeties. He has scheme and positional versatility but lacks the physical traits man up 1 on 1 on receivers with outstanding traits. It remains to be seen whether Edwards can be great, but his floor is very very high.

  24. Congratulations Chiefs. However, as a chargers fan…. AFC West teams besides the Chiefs need to decide if they want to compete or just stay financially stable.

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