Chiefs lose to Packers but the refs take a BIGGER L!

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0:00 – F the refs
1:17 – Chiefs red zone woes
5:30 – Chiefs D struggles
7:40 – B Cook’s injury
8:27 – Richie over Skyy
12:00 – Refs failed end game
14:55 – Fail Mary attempt
15:35 – Packers dominated
16:32 – Offense concerns

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Screenshot of the 4th and 1 catch


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30 gedachten over “Chiefs lose to Packers but the refs take a BIGGER L!”

  1. What's up legends! What are your thoughts on this game vs the Packers and how bad was the officiating at the end of the game in your opinion? Also, don't forget to snag some HBTC or F the ref coffee HERE on your way out to support the channel!

  2. Can we all admit the Jawan Taylor move was a bad move? Taylor sucks man. Can't block worth a damn unless he cheats the snap and he literally leads the league in penalties. Paid 28 mil for a garbage tackle. Another brilliant move by veach

  3. I knew it wasn't our night when on 4th down Love slung the ball down field up for grabs for a completion. My takeaway though is I'd rather be the Chiefs than the Pack. Replicating luck is not a strategy. You need to be able to compete when things aren't going your way. Chiefs brought their C game and could have won this game. If the Pack brings their C game they get blown out. We're fixable even in mid-season..

  4. Hey Cole. Don't worry it's not just you. We are all flabbergasted. I'm wondering if going to Green Bay was The cause. It was cold I don't think they were ready for it. The field was trash. I really think McKinnon helps in the passing game. And the injury to Jodie fortston really hurt us as well. I really hope Justin Ross comes back at some point. I don't know why we're not making calls trying to get another wide receiver. But thanks for the videos keep up the good work!

  5. the Chiefs problems are the makings of Brett Veech.

  6. Even if they go that PI call on MVS, we still could not in the endzone. And, if we did get it in, we needed to get into the endzone again for the 2 points. With the struggles we saw during the rest of the game, it was unlikely. We are in the position and struggling on offense because, we decided to build the WR room based on potential. One proven #2 like Juju last year would had been nice. Oh well, guess we think we can afford to waste 1 of Pat’s prime year. If anyone outside of Rice and Watson is still on this team in 2024, it will just show that we have an issue admitting that we were wrong with Hardman, Moore, and Toney.

  7. All I can say is that Taylor Swift is the end of the Chiefs reign. Boycott the Chiefs

  8. just stop already. people complaining about the refs isn't going to change anything.

    mahomes is right. let the players play. ball was underthrown so obviously the DB was going to get their early, and not just run by the WR. and it's not even like the DB tackled him, he JUMPED at the extremely, suddenly stopped WR going back for an underthrown ball.

    Stop this crazy ref ranting. didn't change the fact that the packers were a better team sunday night.

    And that's the bottom line because I said so.

  9. Make up call, is literally the dumbest excuse ever. Didn't everybody's mom teach them at a young age 2 wrongs don't make a right.?

  10. Yeah team not prepared. That's coaching. WR not developing. That's coaching. I'm questioning play calling. Dline can't get pressure without blitz help. Team jus not playing well at the part of the season they needa b playing well.

  11. All these injures are catching the chiefs let’s hope for this team to be healthy

  12. I think the first priority for draft night and the offseason is going to be offensive tackles. Both sides have been shaky as of late. Especially on Sunday. We also don’t need a flag magnet on the O-line when everyone’s eyes are on us as defending champs.

  13. Why did the chiefs bring in though? Sorry players only wasted their money. Why they don't get some better players that don't make no sense and now crying about what's wrong and why they are losing

  14. True bro, Skye does not come through! I miss Juju, he would've caught that!

  15. They need to call plays normally and let Mahomes create the magic, instead of trying to scheme the magic.

  16. I am mad at everything. Everybody says the refs are on the Chiefs side. What about now?

  17. The bullshit officiating in the league won’t ever improve until the owners get together and force the league to make it fair and accurate. It has to be the owners making it happen.

  18. Both teams had bs calls/no calls go their way in the last quarter. Reffing was good up until then

  19. Cole I have a reason why wasn’t out there, but he should’v been. The reason is that he is still a rookie, you can’t trust a rookie with everything but he should’ve still been out there as you said

  20. Im sure teams are telling their players the throw their arms up to draw flags when playing KC. Skyy gives up on routes and im sick of it and him. MVS for so we reason wants to get hit and refuses to track a ball into his hands. D… banged up and did the best they could. Refs… YOU SUCK.

  21. as soon as the refs get their heads out of their asses the one team most in trouble will be kc. past three years they had probably 12-15 games GIVEN to them by relentless bad calls in the 4th quarters favoring only the chiefs

  22. Penalties, or a lack thereof, matter immensely to the outcome of a game. To argue that a team should have executed better when they lose if the other team is allowed to cheat for their win is a large part of the reason why the quality of reffing has become a large topic of discussion in the last 5 years or so. Penalties are designed to raise the difficulty of the offending team's ability to execute. Inconsistent, incompetent, and unequal application of the rules determines the outcome far more than people understand. I think the refs made it more difficult for the Chiefs to execute and easier for the Packers. Even then, it took the Packers playing their best game all year and the Chiefs to play their worst to win. I think the Chiefs will be fine.

  23. Ok so you showed up in my feed because I’m a Green Bay fan and have been watching all of the videos, long live the algorithm. You might not like my take on this but try to remain objective.

    The Chiefs needed 8 to tie…

    If you think that personal foul on the sideline hit was a good call you’re crazy. Everything is linear and that call followed the ridiculous offsides on the kickoff. Two call that moved you to midfield without any effort, then there’s the fact that they stopped the clock on that catch. You can focus on the PI no call but you’re being unreasonable. Don’t get me wrong it was PI but…

    Do we even get to that point if all those other calls don’t happen?

    Give them the call then… do they score a TD from the 6? GB had 3 redzone sacks and forced 2 redzone field goals…

    Give them the TD, do they get the 2 point conversion? They failed on an earlier attempt.

    How much time is left, does Nixon return it as time expires?

    Give them the 2 points, so they win the coin flip? Do they match down the field and score?

    You all are acting like it was the game winning TD with 0:00 on the clock in the endzone. Sorry Chiefs fans youre team got beat, you trailed the entire game. Stop being babies and carry your L. Go Pack Go!

  24. – Not playing a full 60 minutes
    – A group of players not executing
    – Bad coaching decisions in specific game situations

    All things that will get you bounced from the playoffs

  25. What shocked me was how the chiefs didn’t seem to run the ball a lot when it was working so well. Overall great analysis love from a fellow Missourian ❤

  26. I know our offence doesn’t play up to par but on one holding out receiver coach accountable. He never coached receivers before he got job because he buddies with head coach that doomed us when Big red had he’s buddy coaching defensive coordinator. Please stop being good to buddy think of fans. Please fire him give job to someone who can coach

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