Chiefs escape the Broncos… but NOT without some INJURIES!

The Chiefs manage a win against the Broncos in week 17, but with a cost.
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0:00 – A stressful win
1:20 – Standout stats
3:58 – 2 biggest concerns
7:14 – Game Balls
8:59 – Mahomes concerns?
9:48 – Need a clean game
12:04 – Special Teams woes


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30 gedachten over “Chiefs escape the Broncos… but NOT without some INJURIES!”

  1. Upon re-listening and editing this, I didn't speak enough on the defense. When I said, "they held it down" I mainly meant the fact that they held them on most of their 3rd downs and also helped win the game at the end. They still have their own issues that I talk about like every day (redzone, secondary), however one of these TD's by Denver was the result of very short field from the Toney fumble on the punt return.

    Hopefully that makes sense! Let me know your thoughts on this game. How are you personally feeling?

  2. I'm trying to remember the last time PM15 hit a streaking WR in stride deep since the Watson TD early this year. He's missed MVS consistently.

  3. Seems like play calling on the offense needs to go back to Andy Reid

  4. Thats right if not a bye a divisional game exit is looming for the chiefs mahomes looks like no motivation at all facong bengals and bills with this kind of game a sure exit.

  5. Not worried about the post season. Realistically, the Chiefs are not the best team in the League this season. There's more questions than answers across all three phases this year, but I'm confident there isn't a team that the Chiefs couldn't beat.

  6. I don't think it's negative to call out bad play. We get beat in 2nd halves routinely. We need better halftime adjustments.

  7. Patrick needs only 429 yards passing to pass Payton Manning for all time single-season passing record…. or for us nerds that's 107.25 yards a quarter. we could witness history this weekend enjoy it chiefs kingdom you might never see this again.

  8. Hey Cole happy New Year to you and your family. I think KC will be fine in the playoffs. Andy always takes over in those moments and create plays that's especially for them that nobody has seen. I trust them. Only ones that can beat KC is themselves. It's up to the players to execute correctly. Let's go…

  9. Valid concerns but I'm surprised you haven't addressed the lack of balance on offense as something that is troubling. The defense is what it is at this point. We know they are going to bend a lot. So keep them off the field as much as possible. Seems we didn't learn from our mistake from last years AFC Championship game when Cincinnati rushed 3 and dropped 8 daring us to run. We are too predictable. 50 passing calls vs 12 rushing calls against a bum Broncos team that is riddled with injuries. That is brutal. Why are we in shotgun and passing at a 5-1 ratio like we are down 2 or 3 scores all the time? One of the worst conversion rates on 3rd & 1 and 4 & 1 in league history. When we have 1 of if not the best interior OL in the league. This offense could reach heights that cover up a lot of the other deficiencies on ST & Defense if it had balance. #15 is the best, but to expect him to carry us to the promise land against teams that are scheming us to always pass and do so without a weapon like Tyreek that can take the top of the defense and create havoc is beyond wishful thinking.

  10. I have been a Chiefs fan since 1985…it is a division game, and no matter how bad either one of the teams are, the games are always tough between the teams in the division. Yes, Pat has spoiled us fans and made it look easy, but being a fan as long as I have it has never mattered if we ( the Chiefs) have been aweful ( and trust me) we have been many times or one of our division rivals who have also had some bad teams, the games have always been tough to win foe either team. I do agree that the team needs to clean some things up if we are going to bring home the Lombardi, but they will show up in the post-season. I do feel that Butker needs to get his ass in gear, or we need to look elsewhere!! Can't afford to lose games because he can't do the one thing he is paid to do.

  11. If you watch the missed field goal again, the hold was perfect. Got tipped by a bronco's finger

  12. If they play this sloppy, this bad, they have no chance against the Bengals or the Bills. They won’t keep getting away with this type of play against better teams. They’ll be out the first round.

  13. Clarification: Butker didn't miss a FG. It was blocked according to the stats.

  14. Don't think Townsend's hold was bad(on the missd field goal). Butker's kick follow through was a hook shot with his body….gotta follow through the head forward and NOT leaning back…..js

  15. Honestly not concerned, the last five games against the broncos have been generally tight games with 4 of 5 being single digit wins. Average margin of victory being 6.4 pts per game. Chiefs have been running a fairly vanilla offense too. Turnovers have to be cleaned up, but the Chiefs are now 8-0 when the T/O ratio is positive or even. Not sure what is going on in the kicking game that has to shore itself up too. Toney needs to just settle in at PR, not every kick is going to go the distance. Tried to do too much and the fumble happened.

  16. It is not a big surprise that Denver limited us on the run and the Chiefs are grateful that for the win but the Chiefs need to get better on all three phases of the game and need heal quickly but the Chiefs should be fine versus the Raiders but we need to move consistent in the second half to get the win more easier than by three points.

  17. Frustration is totally understandable when we've seen them play so much better than the past few games. I'm really hoping Coach Reid really is doing only enough to win. That's smart when you're going to play teams like the Bills in the post-season that built their teams specifically to beat the Chiefs. Who knows, I guess, but at least that makes me feel better for now. Let's go, Chiefs!

  18. As much as the defense has been frustrating the last 5 years, I also give them some slack because they deal with stuff hardly any other defense has to deal with. Teams are going deep into their playbooks to keep pace and hopefully beat the Chiefs. Going for it on every 4th down, fake punts, trick plays, etc. It’s what you have to do to beat an offense that scores 30 on the regular.

    I just wish they would defend the middle of the field better. We have some of the best LBs in the league, but it seems like the middle of the field is always wide open. Especially on third downs.

  19. It’s also worth noting, Wilson’s lone passing TD should have been a delay of game. They snapped the ball damn near 2 seconds after the play clock hit 0. I feel like the refs made up for it later with the OPI on Sutton. 😂

  20. The level of play in the second half of games is concerning. It appears as if the entire team loses focus. The conversion rate on third downs must improve or they will be one and done in the playoffs.

  21. Also, Joshua Williams was giving me flashbacks of Rashad Fenton. I don't why he is getting so many snaps. He should be a rotational player at best with no more than 10% of the snaps.

  22. Those WIlliams penatlies were ticky tac, considering the mugging that MVS got (uncalled) in the 3rd quarter. The refs were again horrible and badly inconsistent. So who do we blame for the game plan Andy of Bieniemy? It seems everyone wants to give Eric credit when things are running good, but this feels like a Bieniemy called game.

  23. I actually think it was one of the least stressful games I watched because I knew we would win

  24. The team in the 2nd half looked like a team that has never played before. Good thing the defense stepped up at the end of the game. Mahomes had multiple questionable passes this game. We need to stop passing on 3rd down. Even I know what they are going to do before they do it.


    The stands are full of eager fans

    Who say, we're paid too much money!

    But if they would put our suits on

    They'd find football isn't funny.

    Twenty-two men and five referees

    Chasing a pigskin, air filled ball.

    Mashing and bashing all the way

    Till the striped shirts whistle their call.

    All the generals on the sideline

    Are waging their athletic war.

    And the letters in the words they use

    Never amount to more than four.

    There's no substitute for winning

    And no excuse for losing.

    Though after games; when we can't sleep

    It's because of all the bruising.

    By Tom Zart

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  26. Stop it. Kelce is the Chief's best red zone weapon. McKinnon only seems better because everyone is putting a huge emphasis on stopping Kelce, especially in the red zone.

  27. idk russel was making gret passes into the receivers hands but they just kept dropping it, i dont think bro deserves all this hate. i also think that denver didtn even bother looking at russels scheme in seattle and thtas why hes been having no succes at all and i bet if he went back to seattle he would thrive like his old self

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