Cheeky Crypto Partnership | COPICafe Episode 33 | Cornucopias

Cardano Summit Recap, Crypto AM Recap, Cheeky Crypto Partnership & Mobile Game Update!

In this episode of COPICafe Josh and Rob discuss Blueshift and it’s selection of Cornucopias in their Cardano Index Portfolio. After briefly describing the task of our new React developer they recap the Cardano Summit as well as the Crypto AM Conference in London. The entire team is excited about the recent accomplishments the programmers have made on the racing game. Josh estimates a timeline for testing for the new mobile game. The guys then welcome Chris and Nick of Cheeky Crypto on the show to discuss the partnership and upcoming NFT sale. They wrap up the episode sharing a leak of the upcoming NFT sale.

Cheeky Crypto Links:

00:00 – Introduction
01:21 – Beverage Choices
02:21 – World Cup
03:50 – Blueshift Cardano Index Portfolio
05:18 – New React Developer
07:07 – Cardano Summit Recap
10:13 – Crypto AM Recap
13:55 – Mobile Game Update
14:25 – Racing Game Development
15:25 – Special Guests: Chris & Nick of Cheeky Crypto
26:42 – LEAK!

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PVP Gameplay:
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Solace Teaser:

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  1. As always, another great COPICafe. You'll be at the 1M subscribers by your 330th episode.

  2. Got scared in the beginning, no sound on the intro, turned it up and then it comes 😆

  3. Have a great weekend lovely content josh and Rob much love the fairies

  4. Hmmm… we need Josh talking in a censur free enviroment 🤔

  5. Cheeky crypto, really? These guys represent everything wrong with crypto Youtube. Paid shillers is not the way guys🤦‍♀️

  6. Nice episode. Good luck on the WC to both. My team is also playing against the Aussies on saturday. (🇦🇷 here) 🌽🌽🌽

  7. is Cornucopias a free to play or you need an nft to play and earn?

  8. I'm ALL IN. Keep up the great Work TEAM 💪 In 2 to 3 years this project Will melt faces 💎

  9. Thanks for having us on the channel and so excited about everything we are working on

  10. Great news! Cheeky Crypto are amazing! Saved me so much money the last few weeks

  11. So pumped for this. I got involved with Cornucopias because of Cheeky and now own land, a bubblejet and javelin. Looking to buy a Dome. I can't wait to race!

  12. loved this episode and gotta say this is an amazing racing suit very smart 😍cant wait to get my hands on one when the sale starts. excellent work to all teams involved so excited 😎

  13. keep up the great work haha love the chemistry you guys have (: also love the music that went over the vid instead of taking out the vid very fun

  14. Reminds me a lot of the spiderman interview lol where he kept leaking stuff he isn't supposed to bahahha

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