Change of Scene by Bli [FULL COIN GUIDE]

Song by Meganeko & Beethoven (lol)

Code for the coins bellow👇

Check out @Bli_GD an aboslute goat of modern creating 🙂
Keep in mind there’s one key for each coin, only taking one at a time is way easier.
You need to collect the keys in the “normal scene”, letting the intro play without pressing any buttons or you just won’t be able to.
If you have any further questions ask me in the comments, I WILL RESPOND.

here’s the code for all you cheaters out there ❤️
4 7 5 6 3 6

Thumbnail by: Me : )
GD Account: Lillla
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  1. I'm sure this video would have done better as a youtube short, maybe, but I'm not about that life 🔥

    Feel free to ask any question you may have, I will do my best to answer everything 🙂

  2. Wait so you're required to get all the keys in the main route? Then the level would remember that you got them when you play the level again in the other route? If thats the case then that is really insane. It's like this level has a savefile and can track whether you have the keys or not to allow you to get the coins. I wonder how bli managed to do that? crazy stuff

  3. I went for the red key and it killed me. Did I do something wrong?

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