CEX vs DEX: Which Crypto Exchange Is Better?

Is a centralized exchange (CEX) or a decentralized exchange (DEX) better when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies? CEXs operate like traditional stock markets based on an order book. Think of them like an open market with a central authority matching buyers and sellers. DEX on the other hand doesn’t have a central authority to keep track of an order book and match orders, so it had to devise a different approach to facilitate price discovery. Get familiar with them and find out which one’s for you!

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00:00 Intro to crypto exchange
1:05 Centralized Exchange (CEX)
2:20 Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
04:32 Access
05:11 New features
05:57 Regulatory requirements
06:33 Security
07:15 Liquidity
08:15 Fees
08:42 Popularity
09:02 Anonymity/Pseudonymity
09:23 Fiat onboarding
09:50 The future for CEXes and DEXes
09:23 Fiat onboarding
11:09 Should you choose a CEX or DEX?

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20 gedachten over “CEX vs DEX: Which Crypto Exchange Is Better?”

  1. In minute 3 i decided to pay attention to what you say after i wake up to watch you how cute you are 👀

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  4. I have coingecko candies but i used wich Site plz ans must plz dear

  5. Only decentralized crypto exchange CRP IS can provide complete anonymity

  6. Amazing video. Helped so much.
    I do have one question though…
    When someone purchases crypto on a CEX, on which blockchain will the transaction be recorded?
    Does it depend on the crypto the user is purchasing?
    Finally, are CEX and DEX connected to multiple blockchains?

  7. Hard to raise significant funds on a DEX at this point though. This isn't 2017. Have to get that CEX listing nowadays

  8. Thanks for the video & I believe that both are very impossible on their accord tho I preferred CEX over DEX on the reasons that they are the large trading volumes & I chose MEXC as my preferred CEX cos it is the most secured CEX atm with a 0 incidence of security breach. NFA.

  9. Hello so I have a question… If I reach at a point where I now have to pay a fee towards DEX the next step is doing a withdrawal

  10. – My dad enters the room
    – you say: let's explain how sex and dex work 🙁

  11. i don't trust DEXs that require liquidity providing. too risky.
    most of the DEXs out there still have problems where theft or tracking you can happen. The best one i've seen is DCRDEX. that one is the safest that i know of and no trade fees. i am very picky when it comes to exchanges.

  12. Brilliant explanation between Cex and Dex thanks😊

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