Cathie Wood, she’s back and sounding more confident than ever despite the fact that her flagship Innovation ETF is down over 72%. Known as a perma-bull Cathie made some interesting comments in her latest update to investors, with shocking predictions regarding the future of the federal reserve. As you may know, in today’s market so much of the direction is dictated by the wording and actions of this man. Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell. With one simple sentence, he has the power to turn the market around or implode it by using words that indicate one of two things. Hawkish or Dovish policy. As we all witnessed in March of 2020, with enough federal stimulus it doesn’t matter what the situation is, a market backed by the fed is nearly impossible to stop, and even a worldwide pandemic couldn’t slow down the growth in the SP.

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  1. Thanks for another interesting video. I am in Australia and I always enjoy hearing people talk crap about what Paul Volker did to tame inflation. We have the internet, information is so easily found, don't ignore it and make your own facts up… Paul Volker did NOT "jack interest rates", people speaking to it should know what he did (those that don't, I would think whether I trust them with any money). In his own words [emphasis] in the interview on youtube with Ray Dalio and from the Federal Reserve's own website, go and check for yourselves how Volker "jacked interest rates". You may come to the conclusion he took the step of shifting policy away from interest rates and instead targeted the money supply… There is a difference…. imagine not knowing the facts of your own history… The guy should be respected, he had guts to take action not kick this mess down the road…

  2. Belleair, FL Housing Prices Crater 29% YOY As Tampa Housing Prices Drop Like A Rock

  3. Throughout history, Central Banks almost always choose hyperinflation over crashing the economy. It's more politically palatable.

  4. Cathie and Cramer should get together and create a hedge fund…..

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Her comments are interesting. We need more people listening to the detailed truth.

  6. My greatest happiness is the $ 28,000 biweekly profit I get consistently

  7. I doubled my grades from a solid F to a solid D that is a 100 percent increase, I am going to go Harvard now!!!!!!!!

  8. One thing for sure, for absolute sure, can’t change it, can’t do anything about it, INFLATION WILL RAGE

  9. We need real rates to be positive. That means at least 9% Fed Funds rate.

  10. All these people are using old metrics to predict the market but never took into consideration the feds were manipulating the whole market!
    The market is as unpredictable as crypto…… Your welcome

  11. Delusional Cathy – for her now it’s all about self preservation for her reputation and fund; God help the people who invested in her fund 😮

  12. She's basically a meme investor and needs free money, no such thing someone pays!

  13. I made $10,000 a month and quit my job because I wasn’t getting anywhere. Now I live in Puerto Vallarta living like king! 😎
    I have 6 houses and rent 5 out for enough to live on. North America can rot in hell 😊

  14. Perhaps, crashing the economy, then provide liquidity to businesses that are deemed as "essential" is the agenda du jour
    You never let a serious crisis go to waste

  15. That is the stupidest commentary i have heard. You don't look at it as in relative terms 10 fold or 2 fold, you look at it in actual terms. If inflation is running at 8% to 10% who cares if fed does a 10 fold increase to 2.5% they are still playing catch up to the shitshow they created by pumping trillions into economy.

  16. does any one think copy trading is still a thing? i know it made a lot of easy millionaires when it was a trend some years back. when it was made especially popular by the concept of social trading in etoro. got me wondering if this method still works? my portfolio is drifting terribly far from safe waters lately. really looking for a lifeline

  17. The stupidity of these so called financial experts is astounding! Comparing the effect of change from a 10% rate of inflation to a 20% rate of inflation as only a doubling, and that the recent 4 times rate of change from .25% to 1.0% is a more drastic change because it is of a higher multiple is outright stupid. If I curled 10 lbs. and then raise the wieght to 20 lbs that is going to have a lot harder effect on my body than if I curled .25 lbs and then raise the weight to 1 lbs. Is this lady sniffing crack, drinking stupid juice, or maybe her husband is hitting her in the head with a hammer nightly as she is sleeping.

  18. She’s so brilliant. She didn’t forecast her own ETFs dropping by 84%. 😳

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