Cathie Wood’s SEVERE Recession Warning & Tesla Stock Trades

#CathieWood recently said that she expects a severe recession thanks to inventory build-ups caused by years of supply chain issues and rising inflation. The Federal Reserve’s reaction to these same issues have caused Cathie Wood’s #ARKInvest funds – like #ARKK – to collapse by 70% or more over the last year or so. Even after their most recent 35% rally, they’re still down by over 60%. But when asked why she won’t consider holding more cash or investing in safer positions, she said that ARK Invest’s funds will stay 100% invested in innovation.

So, in this episode, I’m going to show you Cathie Wood’s latest trades as her funds rallied by 35% since their bottom in mid-June. Then I’ll show you why Cathie Wood’s funds are still so focused on growth stocks, despite their huge decline, and why she’s still holding so much Tesla stock – #TSLA Stock – after its most recent rally, despite thinking we’re in a severe inventory recession. We’ll also look at ARK Invest’s data to find some of the best stocks to buy now.

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ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood on the Fed, Economy, Coinbase, Tesla Stock:

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  1. Great video Alex. Your videos are informative as well as full
    of entertainment. I never feel for a second that I should not continue to the end at any point in time while watching your video. One request – can you share your thoughts on Palantir’s latest earnings or your further analysis on PLTR?

  2. Cathie is a wrong person to give comments on rescission
    there is no rescission right now
    we might see one in 2023

  3. Cathie Wood didn't say we're going to have a severe recession. Stop spreading misinformation.

  4. LOVE TESLA – But the stock is insanely OVERVALUED. Sold out and took profits, will buy back in when it drops back down to earth

  5. How long are the doom merchants going to hunt for clicks and revenue, with dire prediction, before there is a push back.
    This is China's crash. America doesn't import financial crisis; we export them.

  6. If you want to get rich, focus on creating value to the market, then the money itself will flow in, Value itself is the symbol of money you are making, a fellow creator,,,,

  7. What a great video! Providing awareness, perspective, and such cogent analysis. I'm a big fan.

  8. Bro I wanna know what your opinion of palantir is…everyone is in panic mode

  9. All the experts have shorted the market and now they want us to sell so that they can make profits

  10. I think most people are misguided. It is true that ARK has similar performance to the S&P despite the recent decline, but that is true for those investing in the very beginning. The overwhelming majority are down. And i am not saying this is the worst strategy ever, but i think it's one that requires faith. I started investing in 2020 and i am up 65% with very little investment in flashy/popular stocks. All my companies, although boring and some even unknown to most investors, all of them make money and the share price responds to it. Are they going to be around despite breakthroughs in innovation? Yes. Chemicals, materials, manufacturing, food, they will always be needed. And when innovative companies become profitable, i will invest too. This idea that we need to be in in the very beginning to make money is not true. BRK.A got to where it is with chocolates, coke, insurance, railroad and the likes. Innovation is great, but one needs to be careful not to lose sight of other great investments. My two cents.

  11. I don't believe you. Inflation decade ahead. Some volatility.

  12. But Tesla only has two little compact cars! How many of them can they actually sell??? It would be really weird to see EVERYONE driving either the Model 3 or Model Y, LOL!

  13. This is so contradictory analysis. Cathy is saying severe recession is in progress and at the same time she is investing money in growh stocks. It is as if she is telling me I have a lot of money to burn.

  14. Google is billions of miles ahead…….Google will work with other companies.

  15. Energy up because of the WAR? seriously? I just lost my respect for her. Biden turned off the oil, dummie

  16. 10:42 – She's talking pure gibberish. She has no idea, no clue what drives the micro economic motivation long term. She doesn't believe micro economics has a long term direction; even though that was the base of MOST of humanity which created the macro economic perspective. Macro thinkers like her can't imagine losing their position in the Ivory Tower. She thinks everyone would want to live in an isolated tower. But, that's not the point of a tower. It's not for living, it's to gain perspective and come back down to continue living. She just refuses to gtfo and allow others their rightful turn on the mountain peak. Kinda like those rich people who are destroying Everest.

  17. I'm betting that most of the money Tesla will "earn" in the next 20 years is from litigation and IP. Not the stuff they gave out for free, but the machines and education required to actually reproduce those free patents. Those machines and educations are locked behind massive pay walls and family/heritage barriers. Africans could build mining machines, but American "investors" would never allow them the resources or education to become self sufficient.

    Cathie Woods is basically doing the marketing for slave traders. She is a professional slave breaker. She leads the public into traps, knowing her buddies have the wink and nod, so they are led out before the walls close in.

  18. 12:07 – Musk is their chief marketing asset. Anything he says, good or bad, gets attention. That attention is herded by marketing professionals with which he has passing contact with. Musk is like the xenon gas in a tube, Cathie is the cathode, Fox and Friends are the anode, the federal reserve / investors are the high voltage transformer, the politicians are the AC inverters, the American people are the electrons, and the light coming out is straight cash / product. Stop feeding the trolls with your labor and ideas. They will never build projects that serve the public. They will only build that which further concentrates their monopolies.

    I don't want to share liability with my car. I don't want my car to have the ability to drive me off a cliff because I'm a political activist. I don't think suing Tesla, after my car "malfunctions", would bring me back to life. The insurance payout would pay their doctor friends to put humpty dumpty back together. But know they are farming your asses for opportunities to swindle "productivity" from the people.

    If the output of lawyers is justice, we have to admit they are wasting most of our money to ensure a stalemate at best.

  19. 12:40 – when is the market saturated? For cars? Yeah. Sales will slow down, and those companies will find ways to "increase demand." They'll sabotage the infrastructure with incompetence. They'll accept horrifying recalls after 5 or 6 years of litigation. They will find ways to get their older products out of the market, to force people to buy / bank loan, some new stuff that requires subscriptions to activate built in features.

  20. 12:55 – These car companies are not solving the actual problem we have : logistics. They are not researching ways to move smaller objects to the isolated homes or businesses. Where's the Tesla scooter? Exactly. They bulk sell batteries and shit so anything less than a 4,000 lb. car will never come out of their factories. Bulk ore, minerals, stamping machines… All bulked out.

  21. I thought you were DONE with Ark Invest (per a video you made about a month ago), so why be citing Cathie Wood, who is ALL ABOUT ARK Invest?

  22. Simply wall street are idiots. Tesla has not grown earnings by less than 200% for many years. 22 & 23 will benefit from 2 new factories… 24% earnings growth is a ridiculous call. 3-400% is much more likely in both 2022 & 2023.

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