Cathie Wood’s precious Roku stock has CRASHED

Cathie Wood’s precious Roku stock has crashed and, as value investors who want to buy great companies at good prices, we are going to perform a fundamental stock analysis on the company to see if it’s a buy for value investing at the current price.

0:00 This stock has fallen hard
1:45 Roku stock analysis 2022
6:37 Competition and additional data on Roku
9:30 Roku stock price entry point

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood’s precious Roku stock has CRASHED”

  1. What me and my wife appreciate most about you guys is you're zero BS. You blatantly tell everyone to just DCA into low cost ETFs if you don't want to put in the legwork to research individual stocks. Really appreciate your honesty and hard work! Keep up the great work!

  2. At 12$ per share. WBD has great content and makes allot more sense to me for a long term investment. Warner Bros. Discovery may be one of the most undervalued companies in this industry and could be one of the best buys for the next decade. An analysis would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for this great channel.

  3. Why are you evaluating a stock that goes against everything you preach. Don't you preach not to buy stocks for what they are going to do in the future? Your channel makes no sense! Gotta love that P/E.

  4. Everyone if your average is high just buy more and your average will go down.. I am keep buying each time it goes down like 2% – 5% … Good Luck everyone and Thank you Everything Money!

  5. The way you guys just plug in numbers into your DCF with no reason as to why.

    Mind boggling

  6. Awesome video and I thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic recession, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $60,000 returns from my $8,000 investment on short period, I'll be purchasing my dream home soon☺️

  7. Damn why didn’t I found you earlier, literally loss money on Arkk and that Stock Morons Nio, well it’s $700 loss it’s still a little more for me, well gonna take the loss and get the tax deduct 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. you are doing great on these videos. JUST SLOW DOWN. Why do you rush through these videos like a sprint???

  9. Big thank you to Cathie Wood from all of us SARK investors! She is a gift that keeps on giving 😂

  10. Clarify – Why is Amazon fire TV not good and Roku is great?

  11. Theres no "value" in Roku. So not possible to value invest in it.

  12. Please can you do xpeng? It is like nio in china and It has been down a lot. Now it is only 13.1$ and I think that is too low. I appreciate your work thank you 💜

  13. What is this with chancing return%
    You already have those assumptions, this way you lose on so many gems even at discounts

  14. I remember reading the earnings report in 2018-19 and understood their software was growing so strong compared to their hardware. Roku is a software platform company. Consider it as Microsoft in 90s. But no where the same marketshare. It’s competing heavily with Apple TV OS vs fire OS vs google TV OS. This market hasn’t matured it will have heavy competition.


  16. As value investors, wouldn't you wait until the middle of 2023 or beyond before buying anything? After all we are heading for a big decline in the market , and could be like that for some time ?

  17. Bet your channel has been blowing up lately😆 Never respected you as much as I do today. After losing a fair bit of money these hyped small caps

  18. Thanks for the info! I am making off like a bandit, made my first million and now going for 2!

  19. Cathie Woods is out at ARKK. How a reputation tanks in just a year. She may be right with all of her calls in the long term, but… ouch.

  20. I just don't understand ROKU. Why does everyone have so much hype in them as an investment? When was the last time anyone bought a roku device?! That was a very 2010 product.

  21. Here’s some video ideas: KO, BRK-B, DIS, Nike, CMG, SBUX, LULU, XOM, UNH, V, CAT, DE, SHW, EXC, ENPH, TTD, CELH, Any of these would be hype

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