Cathie Wood’s Latest WARNING to TESLA Shareholders!

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Tesla Stock News (TSLA)
Cathie Wood just blew investor’s minds with a very mouth-watering Tesla stock price forecast. If you thought Tesla had hit rock bottom because of its plunging stock price, then think again. Because what Cathie Wood just revealed will have you holding on to your Tesla shares so tightly you don’t want to let go.

How Much WILL $10,000 of TESLA Stock Be WORTH BY 2026! (UPDATED!)

Cathie Wood’s Final WARNING to TESLA Shareholders!

Cathie Wood: If You Are a Tesla Shareholder… GET READY For a HUGE Surprise!

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Disclaimer: This is not licensed financial advice, we are just sharing our thoughts for your fun and entertainment.

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15 gedachten over “Cathie Wood’s Latest WARNING to TESLA Shareholders!”

  1. ARK lost investors $billions. You trust her? EVs are losing popularity.

  2. Until there is an effort by those in charge to counter the FUD storm, the stock is going nowhere.

  3. She said a year ago that $5000/per share by 2024 was the bearish case scenario, she is a professional liar

  4. have we seen the “brilliant” performance of her ETF lately.

  5. Lmao well you unbelievers go ahead and sale those stocks.

  6. 3 years ago she said the same thing 😢 so nothing happened since 😢

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