Cathie Wood’s ARKK ETF comes under criticism following Michael Burry short

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Myles Udland, Brian Sozzi, and Julie Hyman discuss the criticism surrounding Cathie Wood as notable names such as Michael Burry have bet against ARK Innovation ETF and Wood’s response to critics on the actions she has chosen to take.
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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood’s ARKK ETF comes under criticism following Michael Burry short”

  1. Michael Burry is once of a generation fin-strategist. So many bears and bulls in the market today than there ever were. But, when Burry speaks, we ought to listen. His work has always been based on extraordinary amount of research. Looking back on all his bets in the last 15 years even pre 08, his track record speaks for itself.

  2. You measure ones success off the amount of haters. ARK is a solid play, to bet on but to bet against? Idk I guess time will tell.

  3. Sexism? What?? Why?? Is good faith criticism not possible without sexism?

  4. If you’re looking that far into the future, why not just hold SPY? Tax efficient and stress free.

  5. There is a big difference between having a big innovative idea vs making money of the idea. There is a big difference between developing a great product vs developing a great business. Very few can do both well (example, AAPL). Kathy wood focuses on innovation, but not all innovations lead to a profitable business. I'd rather pick a few companies from Kathy's selection than invest in ARK.

  6. Yahoo Fiance got this wrong. Challenging Kathy Wood's investment approaches is not sexism. Anyone can criticize any investor if they think it is going to lose money. It is irrespective of whether someone right or wrong. Don't mix this up with genuine sexism women face.

  7. Julie Hyman is suffering from brainrot, if you want to make money do the reverse of what she suggests.

  8. Any investor who thinks they can think out beyond 10 years is full of it.

  9. Critics come from sexism lol
    Réal deep argument coming from an other angry woman

  10. Shorting ARKK because you're sexist makes about as much sense as shorting the housing market because you prefer homelessness.

  11. Burry's bet is all built around the hyperinflation hypothesis. The CPI has already peaked. The stimulus is slowing down. The bond market doesn't lie. The fed is already talking about tapering/tightening. Despite all of this, that doesn't change the Arkk narrative that tech will continue eating the world.

  12. Funny how Burry is sexist toward Cathie Wood when he says ARKK is overvalued but he's not sexist toward Elon Musk when he says the same thing about Tesla stock. What a pathetic comment. Embarrassing.

  13. The market is only down 1.5% and my broker margin called me. They are selling all my long positions. Damn it!!!

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  15. I have 100 percent of my portfolio in amc I will burn my house down before I sell it. Pay up dead beat hedge funds. Take ur time I don't care I ain't going nowhere

  16. What a lazy analysis, a 7th grader could have come up with a more logical conclusion that "sexism".

    And for the record… I am a man and ARKK is my largest position. Do better.

  17. This got NOTHING to do with SEXISM!!! What is the matter with you? Stick with the subject! It is purely based upon Data and interpretation of it! Obviously, different people will have a different opinion! Also, by the way, if you, clowns want to be a cheerleader for Cathie Wood, resign your role! Gundlach, Scott Minerd, Pavitra Subramanian, Dr Burry, Bill Gross, Buffet, Priya Misra and many more analyst/investors tends to argue based upon their data and interpretation. So, now, one gender should criticise another??? Are you bloody kidding me? Such a group of CLOWN!!!! Yikes!

  18. Wth all due respect I do not think anyone was thinking about sexism until you brought it up. Burry and other troll shorts sellers go after men with the same amount of ferocity.

  19. AARK has a 5 years time frame, you guys are idiot's. Thinking that this fund cares about day traders, which day is 5 years long?

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