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CATHIE WOOD – YOU NEED TO SEE THIS ONE – WORST YEAR EVER? Cathie Wood and Ark are making some big moves. I go over the ARK funds returns for the 2022 year so far.

I go over the stock market and talk about how I see 2022 playing out and how I will be investing into it. I discuss the 2023 year for stocks and a recession. I go over my opinion on this and the stocks I just bought. We saw a ton of green in the stock market today from what I believe is partly because of the Fed.

If you need to know which stock to buy today, then I would say that many of these could be considered. I have some good diversification in the list as well. High growth stocks November 2022 will be ones that hopefully run up to finish the year strong.

Some consider these the best bank stocks to buy now. They are stocks that have been beaten down over the last few months and are now starting to come back strong. I go over the Stock Moe portfolio for YouTube.

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  1. I've been buying/Dca into ARKK since it was down 30% I really believe this fund will Do well 2025 and Beyond. So I guess you can say that it's one of my long-term investment that I see a lot of growth

  2. So what will happen to the stock when Warren Buffet passes away? I hope he lives for another 90 years but reality is that he is coming up in the age. Will institutions sell out and exit when that happens? And stock plummets?

  3. Warren buffet he is a OG of investing,cathie just a pretender

  4. Good news is bad news. It’s a backwards time we are living in. We need some bad news Moe.

  5. Warren Buffet just bought $4 Billion worth of Taiwan Semiconductor Stock

  6. Thanks for talking about Cathie Wood. Uncle Larry won’t talk about her on his live a couple of days ago

  7. I believe in auntie Cathie. I’ve been buying into ARKK and ARKKW for a long term hold. Also buying up DNA heavily. Go auntie Cathie 🤑

  8. Great perspective on Kathy Wood funds, Warren Buffet Berkshire.

  9. I don't take her seriously yet. Everything she had the last year, especially severe losses, made me doubt her.

  10. I made a ton of money because of the Pandemic, but I didn't follow what Cathie Wood did.

  11. Great stuff moe have we got an update on the u tube portfolios

  12. I believe in Cathy but I think it will be 12 to 18 months possibly 24. Months for huge increases.

  13. I lost quite a bit making the mistake of buying and holding Palantir for most of the way down

  14. Other money managers have said Cathy Wood is wreckless with her clients money. She paid too much for her stocks so she will be underwater for years.

  15. Mo. I have ark from way back. Taking a bath. Believe in innovation being the future,if we have a future with this admin policies. Consider what innovation is. It is the future of forward movement of all things

  16. Mo. Nancy and friends are not down this year either. It pays to be on the inside and making policy and spreading other peoples money around to collect from it. Buffet is a part of that club. Also gates who keeps low profile what he is doing with his money.

  17. Tickers breath the same way in general regardless of the underlying company or asset .Thats been my observation.cathys stocks seem like they might have potential to make grater returns in a bull market,but I don't like her stocks in general. I like companies that hire people with workboats -not this Cathy woods kinda company picks.

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