Cathie Wood gives dire warning of another great depression is something isn’t done about interest rates. Also, 4 mega banks: JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citi Group, and Wells Fargo are warning that consumers are in big trouble with credit card debt and defaults in credit card payments are rising! All this and more…

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  1. T’s tax cuts resulted in 87% of the tax breaks going to the 1%er’s. Many in the Rep party are now saying in order to approve the next debt limit coming next Thursday we need to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security. They said they can’t afford it but turn around and give more tax cuts to the Corporations, millionaire and billionaires. People don’t even have to pay any more to Social Security if you make over 150,000. At what point will the national debt destroy any sort of decent living in the United States and put more debt on the backs of the middle to lower hard-working people. One hiccup in the economy and all these defaults will come flooding in from credit card, home loans, equity loans, car loans They are either maxed out or behind from bumped up interest rates that they could not pay even when they were low. All the stimulus money has dried up and cutbacks have begun. I am at ground level and clearly see people getting further behind living paycheck to paycheck with her lives maxed out on credit. Remember: Even a small leak can sink a great ship!.

  2. Some sort of Global Collapse Event has been moved up from happening by 2035 to between 2025 and 2030!

  3. This administration is putting so many families into difficult situations A lot of people are financially struggling to live , keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table , Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity imagine I invested $ 1000 with a lady you recommended some time ago and got profits of $ 4,380

    You've changed my whole life, Thanks so much Mrs Karen Cosmann

  4. I don’t even know if some of this information is even relevant.

    CC data is hard to understand. How much is due to rolling balances versus recurring. I mean I pay my balance off every month and I’m sure it’s going up due to inflation. I don’t understand how that is the sky is falling. Sure if someone is rolling the balance over every month and making the min payment that is a problem. Is there data on that? Just looking at the total doesn’t tell me squat.

    FDIC… I mean come on man. Who keeps more money in the bank than the bills they need to pay. The banks are paying you nothing so they should get nothing from us just amount to pay our monthly bills. The rest should be invested in something earning interest.


  6. JJ, I just watched a video from the Real Estate Mindset channel about an FDIC meeting in Dec 2022. I think this might be what you been talking about. He's got the full 3 hr video linked on his video titled Leaked FDIC Video: Hide Market Collapse From The Public.

  7. If Cathie woods is a super investor with those returns I’m a super duper hero investor

  8. You know when you play the game Tetris and you get to the point of the game where the pieces start dropping really fast? That's where we are in the economy right now.

  9. G'day guys, I pay all my bill with cash at the post-office. I keep nothing in the bank, my saving are in GLD -SLV.

  10. 10 year chart for ARK still looks very good compared to most long term investments but here's the thing: it's gonna drop a lot more and soon even the 10 year chart will look terrible for ARK.

  11. I watched the video from Novembers FDIC meeting, it was 3 hours long. To sum up the meeting for a middle class working stiff thay stated: They will protect corporations / Big Guy and they were afraid of how they will anounce this to not have a money run on the banks. In other words, most Americans are screwed. People do not understand the if this one bank would go belly up (Goldman Sachs), they FDIC would not have enough money to cover the customer losses. Now, think about how mank different banks are in the USA.

  12. Super investor want’s he stock to go up.
    Good luck with that.
    We need those rates to keep going way higher.
    Inflation is a Cancer for regular people that are not super investors.
    Enough is enough.
    Pay the piper

  13. She's not all she's made out to be. She just got lucky with a few speculations.

  14. fdic is bs. Oh they "guarantee " funds… JUST NO TIMELINE TO REPAY.
    LOL look into it.

  15. It's not what you know it's who you know at this point, prayer and faith is the only way!

  16. Consumers are at their debt limit as well as government, bad combo

  17. Everything will be ok until it’s not, then 2008 2.0. But now it’s bail ins,

  18. Actually interest rates are historically low. What caused this bubble since 2008 was neg interest rates and printing $

  19. Suggest that electronic funds transfer is currently safer than banking deposit&withdraw.
    "Tell you why"
    Limits hands on data accountability.
    (And that's Sad)

  20. Rising interest rates or a pivot to lower rates. It really doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s checkmate for the consumer.

  21. I think gov should stop taking taxes out of working peoples paychecks

  22. Cathie Woods also declares that water is wet, bears crap in the woods and that innovation is where she puts her resources.

  23. You can’t pay your bills via check. They are stealing checks out of the mail, removing the ink and rewriting checks for large amounts. Nothing is safe anymore.

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