Cathie Wood: “This Will More Than Double The Bitcoin Price”

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Cathie Wood: “This Will More Than Double The Bitcoin Price”

In her “In The Know” monthly update, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood, gave her prediction of what she sees coming with cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. Big news occurred this past week when juggernaut investment firm, Blackrock, partnered with Coinbase to make it easier for institutional investors to manage and trade Bitcoin, taking the world’s largest asset manager into a cryptocurrency market. Cathie believes that once the onboarding process gets underway for institutions, this will at least double the price of Bitcoin but the price can run up much much further. Cathie suggests that a lot of Bitcoin is out of circulation because of the HODLERs…and once the institutions get involved, this scarcity factor will create a huge run-up in price. Bitcoin currently is trading for $22,938.29, which is down 1.2% in the past 24 hours. Clearly, the impact of Blackrock on Bitcoin’s price is not immediate, but if there is any foreshadowing as to what’s to come from Blackrock’s immense power over markets, we can look at Coinbase’s stock. For the better part of 2022, it seemed like Coinbase was falling under Murphy’s law which states ‘If anything can go wrong, it will.’ Add on a pending SEC case and Coinbase stock plummeted, falling 80% from its all-time high, reaching a low of $49 just a month ago. But since announcing the partnership with Blackrock, Coinbase’s stock skyrocketed immediately as it rose 52.3% in the past 5 days, currently trading at $93.05. If this stock increase is any indication of what’s to come for Bitcoin, as Cathie suggests, HODLERs be ready.
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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood: “This Will More Than Double The Bitcoin Price””

  1. I really trust Kathy's opinion. She did a hell of a job with that
    Coinbase stock.

  2. I think Cathie Woods missed the 50% increase in Coinbase stock because she stole before the BlackRock partnership. Could be wrong.

  3. I haven’t been trading and/or investing for a long time BUT one thing I know for sure…… NEVER listen to Cathie Wood.

  4. Buying all the ARK funds now will produce massive gains over the next 5 to 10 years. Short term thinkers have no clue.

  5. Cathy bought coin stock at $350 and sold some around $50s. she know buy high and sell low strategy very well.

  6. Blackrock? Really? Do we care that Blackrock works against the origin/purpose of BTC? I do! In fact I think the regular ppl who hodl or use it to survive are the ones who will bring BTC to the forefront. It's clear that big investors keep cashing out then buying then cashing out…………..& Coinbase is just another disappointment imo

  7. People should stop listening to all the talking heads, YouTubers, crypto influencers etc. They don't know it better than you do. If they would, Cathie wouldn't sell Coinbase at the very bottom, Michael Saylor wouldn't be buying BTC for 40k, Tesla wouldn't be selling BTC at loss. No one knows better, stop listening to all these talking heads.

  8. I take all my advice from people you buy the top and sell the bottom. Saylor and Woods are my heroes

  9. Breaking the 200 day moving is a blessing if it hits the 300 day moving avg discount maybe more time to add to your bags

  10. She has no idea about blockchain. Yes she has money to move the market.

  11. Ummmmmm, might be a good idea to do the opposite of what she says. Never inspired me, never took here advise as worthy, she reminds me of that old door-2-door salesman type of the 60’s. Maybe that’s where she still is?

  12. If Bitcoin doubled coinbase stock will as well but she took a 200 million loss on Coinbase already huh

  13. Ark dumped its COIN bag right before BlackRock announcement. Cathy doubled their investment.

  14. I like the bullish outlook but her lack of preparation and inability to talk confidently to both her projections and numbers is telling of the current state of her own organization/fund portfolio.

  15. My lovely cougar became a paper handed and panic sold Coinbase at a loss lol

  16. Idk why you would use Kathy Woods as a source when she dumped most or all Coinbase stock right before the merger because of the insider trading! She lost her people a lot of money by rushing to sell !

  17. HODL – Did Cathie just Acronymize this ? Hold On for Dear Life is great! 😂 HODL used to just otherwise be the preferred term for "Hold" because of an initial spelling error typo that caught on.

  18. Does anyone actually believe anything this dingbat says?!!

  19. I bought just another btc before black rock institutions do ! Retail has an advantage of being earlier !!!

  20. Her and Saylor are what happen when you give retail a platform to speak. I will stick to my DCA plan with Instacoins and see where it gets me

  21. The fees at Coinbase are way too high, much prefer Instacoins to buy BTC.

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