Cathie Wood Stays with Deflation

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Cathie Wood

CNBC panel

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Roger Ferguson Former Fed Vice Chairman


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13 gedachten over “Cathie Wood Stays with Deflation”

  1. Cathie Wood is the typical pump and dump hype CEO of a pop up solar company except on a much larger scale.
    The productivity and output of American products is no where up to par to what it used to be. Years and years of hype investors who know nothing of real work or the minds behind the technology or how mechanical/electrical things works. Just salesmen tactics.

    Pause or not, won't matter. The next hike will just be more

    The rest of the world knows and is getting out before it all comes down.
    All connected to phase 6 and all the market short selling

  2. Bull? Bear? I dunno. But as I type this, NVDA has a PE of 213. Let me repeat that… TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN. 😳

  3. A local farm near me is about to start harvesting the best tomatoes on planet earth. I won't go hungry without them, but nevertheless, I won't go without them! Some people look forward to going to Disney world. I look forward to Western Kentucky tomato season. The land isn't as rich as in Illinois, nor is it as clayish as Georgia. But, something about it is utter heaven for tomatoes.

  4. Some of these tech entrepreneurs, stock pumpers really know how to lay on the BS thick whether it'sTulips IE bitcoin, the AI, biotech mania, or Elon musk with his self driving vehicles. Sure some of these things are probably eventually going to happen but will it be soon enough to justify all the inflated prices? I think Elon was claiming to have AI in the bag 5 years ago and even charged an extra 15k for it saying all it would take is a firmware upgrade but it never materialized.

  5. I have been watching Cathie Woods ITK (In the Know) monthly episodes for some time now. I think the clip you played of her misrepresented what she has been saying. She is predicting deflation in some market segments that ARK Invest follows closely but continued inflation in other market segments that are not being impacted by Wright's Law. She predicts a lot of confusion because inflation and deflation will be occurring at the same time but in different market segments. While nearly all market segments will be impacted by AI not all of them are affected to the same degree.
    The biggest deflation will occur with Autonomous Vehicles and it will lower the cost of transportation by an order of magnitude. Part of what makes ARK Invest so different is their 5 year time horizon – vs the 3 month view/myopia of most Wall Street analysts.

  6. Individuals are still buying and holding crypto coin and stocks? I didn’t know that , I guess a few know about integrating into the micro economy to help substitute FIAT or usdt for a more tangible exchange Experience, it more like capitalization with about 43.307% profits/ ROI weekly though.. ps.. cathie wood got me covered thanks

  7. Will assets deflate as people seek capital safety in PM’s?

  8. Cathie Wood is wrong. There will not be any deflation because war is Inversely proportional to deflation. High interest rates will have no effect on economy until the US keeps spending and supporting Ukraine

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