Cathie Wood Sold $98 Million In Tesla Stock.. [Does This Mean Anything?]

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We need to talk about the real reason Cathie woods sold Tesla Stock here today. This is nothing to worry about personally and there is a logical explanation..

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  1. Means nothing. She's a loony. Lost way too much money to be taken seriously.

  2. The big point is she HAS to sell a LOT in ARKQ, given how much Tesla is in ARKQ now. In fact, re the 6/13 ARKQ position PDF, TSLA is STILL WAY over the maximum 10% amount, so she delayed selling somewhat for that position to get where it was 6/12.

    Now, I don't like all her hyperactive and incautious (to the point of trading like a newb) trading and don't agree with the idea of trading TSLA for META, but the reasoning for having to sell a lot of Tesla is obvious.

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  4. It's a rig don't follow Cathie Wood when she sells or buys sometime. She is not very honest with her buy and sell

  5. This same lady who sold Nvidia before it busted out for real

  6. This is a game what you think for yourself , not what other people do because she is hudge fund manager and sell whole bunch of its shares. We need make big deal of it. In the market system, there always both side: buyers and sellers everday. she is not the only person on the earth own Tesla shares.

  7. If Cathie sells, the stock will go up.. just do the exact opposite of what she is doing and you'll end up making money..

  8. It may not be the CPI leaked and they are buying since it is good news. It may mean that the CPI was leaked and they know it is bad, so they run things up to short it at a higher price. This coulkd be true also with the FOMC.

  9. See matt pocious's (sp?) very recent vid showing that RSI is meaningless hence the "overbought" which comes from a high RSI number He shows examples with higher and lower RSIs where the stock went up and down in opposition to what RSI "says" it should do. If it was that easy wed all be billionaires.
    In any case this entire post completely and utterly misses the point that ark does this all the time, they regularly sell as tesla gets to a 10% of the fund and buy when it gets below that. Nothing to do with redemptions end of the quarter or anything else you mentioned. You dove into the detail and missed the big picture

  10. She must sell it to take profit out..i would do same..when recession comes then 150usd will see

  11. I recommend TSLY covered call etf (tesla exposure/us securities if your into etf managers). Monthly dividends at TSLY. YIELDMAX etfs are just specific stock exposure. The upcoming monthly dividend is going to be very high.

  12. you clearly didnt look at her EXAS holding (8th on her list). It hasnt done nothing.

  13. Didn’t she say it that TSLA is going $3000 two weeks ago.

  14. I fully expect that recent gap to get filled at least halfway as short term traders take some profits at this very high RSI level. We might even get a full 50% retracement and a support bounce off the 200MA around $200. Either way, long term investors are going to be BUYING the ish out of that dip.

  15. Let's not overthink what Ark does.

    Their goal is to hold about 10% of their portfolio in Tesla stock. When the stock price falls, Ark typically buys Tesla. When the stock price rises, they sell some.

  16. She already doubled her money she was buying it at 126.00 she just reduced her position and took profits and bought some meta with it and what ever Tesla stocks she has left she’s playing with the houses money

  17. Ark can't hold more than 10% of any one stock in her ETF for any length of time. Tesla stock price has just doubled and she has been buying. Looks like a forced sale position. Considering Ark analysis quality maybe whomever she shifts the assets are due to bump up.

  18. She was taking profits, plain and simple. She is still bullish on tesla. I wish i had the balls to take profits once in a while, im freaked out about taxable events.

  19. Even warren buffet and others will take profits out of one stock and put money into another sometimes and I think she had to take out some profits anyway but I'm going to keep buying shares hopefully everyone who owns Tesla shares will look back on this one day wealthy and say remember when Tesla was only about 260 or so…

  20. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She sells 90 some million dollars of Tesla and he goes she could buy $300 million back. She could but would she really. You’re trying to sway the information. If she sold $100 million with a Tesla she’s not gonna buy 300 million back right away. She doubled or money she took half of it out and she put a quarter of that into meta. I hate these guys they put a spin on it.

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