Cathie Wood on the future of Ark Invest

Ark Invest CEO & CIO Cathie Wood spoke on the profitability and the future of her company Ark Invest. Wood joined Yahoo Finance Live on December 8, 2022.

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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood on the future of Ark Invest”

  1. The market can stay irrational longer than Cathy Wood's fund can stay solvent.

  2. Teledoc was a covid stock, when you was forced to stay at home you had no real choise but to use it, same with Zoom, Amazon, Netflix, Roblox and on and on.

  3. Some companies may not go to zero but ark honestly might. Just look at the averages for some of the stocks. And they sell some at the bottom to buy higher. Absolute shambles and trash

  4. She sounds desperate. She seems to discover that stock markets nowadays do not make any sense.

  5. 5% Fed Rate held across 2023 will crush unprofitable Tech, Zombie companies, and the cannabis industry. If you lived and invested in the 70s of stagflation, you know that it could be years before Tech has a bull marketing following this global recession (by end of 2023). Debt is a killer. Recession crushes demand and access to loans.

  6. It was ARKK investing and continued adding that artificially raised the price of many of their holdings. What your seeing now is those stocks deflating to their true values. The biggest problem is still coming. She can't unwind her positions without sending many of the company's stock price into a sudden death spiral and the other option is waiting until they have no more money to operate and go Bankrupt. If you're an ARKK investor there is never going to be a turnaround. Your investment will continually drop. Sell. And put your money in low cost index funds. Good Luck

  7. Ohh, she “believes”. That’s all the reassurance we need…

  8. the market isn't irrational.. everything is priced in realtion of it's underlying asset quality. in the market gambling with your own money is fine but gambling with investor money is criminal

  9. All fall and no results! Her fund has underperformed the S&P every year since inception in 2014

  10. Every bear market people call her crazy i till the bull market comes and her funds are the highest performers

  11. The future? Jim Kramer might retire soon. You can take over

  12. Cathie, Cathie, Cathie… you refuse to learn the lesson that the only way to hugely profit on disruption is to actively manage the portfolio and ride the losers down as well as the winners up. 9 of 10 of the contenders will not shake out to maturity. Wish I could help.

  13. What do you guys think about AI stocks; Broadcom and Marvell. I have a 100 grand to put into the markets now it has shown bullish strength but I am very skeptical.

  14. Cathie annual quote (2019) we invest focusing on a 5 year time horizon
    (2020) the same as above
    (2021 and 2022 and 2023) same as above. In other words, she will always use the same excuse and continue to lose people tons of money. The 5 year target will never arise. 🤡

  15. Dishonest or stupid ?
    I am Sad for her and her clients
    if she really believed she knew something about managing other people s money in financial markets

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