30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood – Now Is The Time To Buy When Everyone Is Fearful”

  1. Yea Kathy,

    How’s that teledoc stock doing in your portfolio?

    I would never listen to this lady for stock advice.

  2. Cathie is very good, and has made a lot of money in the past. However I think catching up from the current losses would be quite hard. Thesis regarding Tesla versus EOM mainstream car companies disregards the fact that other companies can buy Talent, and can take Teslas apart, and without infringing on patents, create the same or better. They will catch up rather quickly. They will do what the Chinese have done

  3. Why do we watch shit like this?? None of us regular folks will ever be involved in the businesses this broad is talking about!

  4. What do you suggest I invest in? What is the overall choice to buy now? 🤔

  5. As a first time investor, in my 50's and without much of a retirement (due to injuries while overseas in Iraq), where do I start? What should I buy? Thanks!

  6. Mrs Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  7. NO Pharmaceutical company wants any disease cured they are as bad as oil companies.

  8. 10 monkeys can pick better stocks than I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing Cathie Wood.

  9. I have been making massive profits investing in the financial market since i started investing with Mrs Amanda Maxwell she is exceptional

  10. Thank God I dumped all the ark investment because she can go down with the ship but I’m not. She literally is down every week now and keeps spouting this BS. Maybe jump back in on the way up but if I keep in her index I want have anything left.

  11. If people followed your advice I wonder how they are feeling now.

  12. Clearly she was way too early. I’m looking at this a month later in the market has gotten even worse, with possibility that we’re not even done yet

  13. I don't know why anyone would listen to Cathie Wood. She rode a wave of money printing into a market. Many of her bets could be bankrupt in a year. The technology is there but it doesn't mean the company will succeed.

  14. All that comes to mind is how the oil industry blocked EV development for decades. The Pharmaceutical Industry will be no different in crushing any opposition to its position.

  15. Well it's a month later now and if you invested at this time on her advice you probably aren't in a very good mood now. Just goes to show she guesses as bad as anybody.

  16. The only one that doesn't understand investment is Wood, why are you still listening to this Charlatans

  17. Eventually all the automakers at least the Big 3 will catch up

  18. Everybodys a genius when stocks go up in a bull run, now we will see who the real intelligent one or two is

  19. I believe my next vehicle should be an electric vehicle. When is the best time to buy and what manufacturer should I be looking at, Tesla, Mercedes, Audi?

  20. I just love the way she’s so inspired when she talks about these technologies.

  21. I believe in cathie wood she will win not in 5 years but in 7 years typically world changes and we could sense those changes around us

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