Cathie Wood: Next Big Risk Is Deflation

laatste update: 08-2022

Sep.29 — Cathie Wood, Ark Investment Management CEO, believes that investors planning for an inflationary period are making a significant mistake. She tells Bloomberg’s Sonali Basak that her biggest concern for markets is a ‘deflationary boom.’

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  1. Of course she wants deflation. That would cause a loose monetary policy which benefits her growth-oriented portfolio. But at this point, I don't know if she genuinely believes in what she says or this is part of another one of her marketing strategies.

  2. THIS is what “deflation” looks like: ARK INNOVATION ETF / ARKK: NYSE Arca …….Jan. 14, 2022, 80.24 a 52 week low. 
    “Everyone’s a genius in a bull market…”. -Warren Buffet

  3. Hey Cathy, that explosion in productivity and wealth was the result of decades of research standing on the shoulders of people that came before us, all of us in society created this, not just the billionaires who will profit from it all. You are a leech on society, miss.

  4. I dont understand how we can reach deflation when we have printed a large amount of money and we also have a high demand for electronics and oil.

  5. My does everyone consider her as the messiah of the investing world and reference her constantly. She has no process, buys high and sells low. Her funds are down 50-70% from their peaks. I will short everything she buys and do the opposite of what she does.

  6. Inflation for a while then a sudden, shocking, severe crash down into deflation. Housing should crash 95%, stocks may drop 80% to 90%.

  7. Sees Deflation not Inflation: Wrong! Predicts 500k Bitcoin: Wrong! Then $1mil Bitcoin: Wrong! Bets big on Robinhood and Coinbase: Wrong! Tesla to the Moon: Wrong!

    If you bet against ARK invest you would be up 40-50%

    Never has someone been so consistently wrong about economy and stock picks. She needs to start a show with Jim Cramer and we can all take the other sides of their trades. 😀

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