Cathie Wood: Most People Have No Idea What’s Coming

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Cathie Wood: Most People Have No Idea What’s Coming

As a Keynote speaker at SynBioBeta’s Built With Biology Conference 2022, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood shared an update on the current state of the market and where her firm is heading. Ark Invest is currently trading at $42.25, which is up 0.28% in the past 24 hours, but the fund is down 55.46% year-to-date. Despite the dramatic dropoff in price, Wood believes this is the perfect time to buy ‘bargain prices’ on future technology, specifically genomics, in which she stated that some assets are down as much as 80%. To further support her conviction, Wood stated that how the current market system is set up with the emphasis on short-term time horizons, is just plain wrong (in her view). She believes all the current companies that are atop of the stock market as the blue-chip equities are all backward-looking, but what is coming with disruptive technology is going to turn the markets upside down and change the world.
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13 gedachten over “Cathie Wood: Most People Have No Idea What’s Coming”

  1. ARK's 55% drop this year mirrors Bitcoin's drop, of about the same percentage

  2. Didn’t her fund go REKT already? Still any poor soul around buying her desperate BS?

    Btw she seems to go to a nice, expensive dentist. That’s one thing to learn from this vid. 😬

  3. Seems like loads of people knocking Cathie, but she's keeping to her long term view, not being swayed by short term financials. Time will tell!

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