Cathie Wood Live In KL | A New Dawn for Disruptive Innovation

Famed futurist and prominent investor Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK Invest was in Kuala Lumpur on the 13 Dec 2022 to share her unique investment philosophy and market insights to local investors.

With her high-conviction approach and ceaseless optimism of the future, Cathie’s distinctive strategy to invest in disruptive companies across different innovation pillars like robotics, AI and blockchain has captured the imagination of global investors.

To her it’s clear that the future of investing lies in investing in the future 🤖 💻

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11 gedachten over “Cathie Wood Live In KL | A New Dawn for Disruptive Innovation”

  1. To sum up: Snake oil might be down 62% YTD, but not to worry because it comes with a five-year horizon.

    It happens to give her 5 years to ride the S-waves of the future all the way to the bank, but hey, “big ideas” don’t just grow on trees. You don’t get 32x returns without paying hefty fees. 😂

  2. There's NEVER a reason to get so close to a Condenser Microphone the way the Lady that's doing to introduction did.. Just one reason I'll never do Live Audio again

  3. She would have been a great economics professor! Disruptive? Like portal travel, zero carbon fuel and wireless electricity…..C'mon!

  4. Say the tech and telecom bust/ ready for prime time line again and im going to loose it. She needs new material.

  5. Cathie Wood? What happen to affin hwang global disruptive fund that drops -74% and awarded worst fund in 2022.

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