Cathie Wood Literally Is Sending LETTERS To The Fed…

What is going on with Cathie Wood…

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9 gedachten over “Cathie Wood Literally Is Sending LETTERS To The Fed…”

  1. Cathie's successful stock track record: 1 out of 20.
    We should listen to her, okaaay 😂

  2. I don't blame her but she doesn't have direct contact with anyone in a position of power? That's unusual

  3. This is getting embarrassing , the begging is a bad look, take it like a champ your stocks are down inflation is high, first priority get inflation down not stocks back up.

  4. I get a lot of flack for investing in ARKK, but I wanted to start my investing journey into innovation because I see that type of Logos being extremely profitable in the future, even if the ARKK portfolios doesn't have 150% innovation stocks in them. I wanted some exposure to that whole market. And i think Cathie Woods Logos for her ETFS is a lot better then me picking random stocks that I think might be good in the future. ( other then PLTR). I might be down on ARKK but I think it would be ignorant to think in the next 20 years ARKK wont be in the green; as long as I keep dollar cost averaging into the market. The Fed wont be able to keep interests rates higher forever, short term? sure, absolutely. Long term? I don't think so. And if your interested in the long term that's all that matters right?

  5. Everyone calls Cathie a one hit wonder and say tesla was her only good stock pick but arkg was her best performing fund with zero tesla

  6. Yeah, I don't entirely agree with Cathy's thoughts on how interest hikes work, but there are a lot of leading factors showing a trend towards deflation, and raising interest rates cannot control prices in the case of genuine food and energy shortages caused by a disruptive war in a part of the world that normally provides a lot of food and energy. I'd really would have preferred to see 50 basis point hikes, and I certainly would like to see a slowing of pausing of hikes to see how the current level plays out.
    She also made a good point in her last In The Know podcast that Volcker was crushing 15 years of building inflation, whereas the current situation is much more short term, a spike of inflation that is aggravated by a host of extrinsic issues unrelated to fiscal policies.

  7. Cathie "inflation is transitory".
    Fed "you think so? OK we'll say that too."
    Great job Cathie, you're batting 1000

  8. Companies like palantir and sofi will continue to do well recession or not.

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