Cathie Wood JUST SAID THIS About AI (Palantir)

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0:00 Introduction
1:15 Cathie On AI
5:00 Proprietary Data Importance
10:00 Inflection Point Is Here

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28 gedachten over “Cathie Wood JUST SAID THIS About AI (Palantir)”

  1. What are you invested in besides PLTR and Meta?

    Also: Cathie is such a gilf 👀

  2. Hmm, she got into Palantir and then got out, I wonder if she will get back into Palantir, and of course she doesn't actually say Palantir.

  3. I do not know about much, but I know I Party On with Darntons! Party On my Golden Voiced 'ol pal.😃😃😃✌️✌️✌️

  4. This guy sounds like the next generation Tory MP and Cathie sounds like a bird brain as usual. ROKU??! 😆

  5. Boring clip. Didn't mention Palantir specifically and just another generic set of talking points from Cathie who has lost me a ton of money. Never again!

  6. PLTR does not have any data on its own. PLTR uses corporate data but does not own them.

  7. Will be adding more shares at $7 a share – probably after earnings comes out February 13th! Palantir always tanks after their CC!

  8. I am still incredibly bothered by Ark dropping Palantir. What did they know I don’t?

  9. Palantir doesn’t own the data you say they are “sitting on.”

  10. Do you have evidence Palantir owns the data it processes for client organizations?

    That would be almost unheard of in any industry.

    Rather, organizations themselves own their own data and don’t transfer ownership to vendors.

  11. I think she got out at the right time because the stock dropped like crazy afterwards but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe in the company. Getting back in now would mean coming in at a better price point. I’m not pro or anything. Just makes a bit of sense to me in my layman’s head space.

  12. your videos have been on my front page for a week and i've been watching your videos. It wasnt until now that i realized youtube was simply recommending me the content and I just now subscribed. I thought i subscribed long ago ha

  13. Did you see Microsoft’s AI a demo? I would like palantir to do a demo of what they can actually deliver. If Kathie woods is buying I am selling

  14. Dude, why are you having these clickbait type of titles? I think you are doing decent enough and you dont need this type of shity titles! Its a shame, really!

  15. You mentioned that PLTR sits on large data set, but Karp makes it clear that PLTR doesn’t sit on anyone’s data.

  16. Stock commentary delivered with an incredibly smooth posh English accent? Count me in. I came to watch for the PLTR discussion, stayed and subscribed for the great voice and accent.

  17. I just subscribed to your channel and liked the video fo rtwo reasons. You have an opinion that is your own and the reasons why you did not invest in Snowflake. I wholeheartedly agree.

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