Cathie Wood is in Deep Trouble

laatste update: 08-2022

Cathie Wood and the Ark Invest ETF is in big trouble.
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30 gedachten over “Cathie Wood is in Deep Trouble”

  1. Telehealth? Is an idiotic idea.
    How is a doctor, going to make a proper diagnosis, without a physical examination?
    You, people, couldn't possibly be that stupid!

  2. Can you eat virtual food? And drink virtual water? And virtual remove your piss and shit?
    That's why I buy gold and silver, because you people have lost your minds.

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    Tesla is a glorified electric golf cart.
    Tesla is batteries on wheels.

  4. My issue with ARK invest is they invest in a lot of unicorns, but a lot of these unicorns are in China, so. Its like good luck trying to get back the money while there are capital controls and when the Chinese companies balance sheets/ cash flow are actively misleading and the government actively help hides those numbers.

  5. I lived through Henry Blodget. And there were others in the 70’s and 80’s. Who didn’t see this coming?

  6. I just need a Z-Pak to save my own life – not available in America over the counter as 50,000 people are dying every year from Pneumonia. T-DOC is writing off how many billions of dollars in GOOD WILL?

  7. T-Doc – stock $293 to $33 – wtf – how to have a heart attack in America – he calls his doctor online – Doc I am dying my stock went down what percentage?

  8. Funny – how much money to talk to a doctor online? Don't worry you have INSURANCE – as the doctor is saying you get FREE Hospice Care.

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